Thanks for asking about our Privacy Policy. We take great measures to protect your business data as well as the information your affiliates. Please read on so that we can explain what information we collect, why we capture it and how we protect the privacy of all data that passes through LeadDyno.

(And please click here for GDPR-specific information.)

Our Business Model

We make money solely by selling subscriptions to our product to our business users. We do not sell data or contact information or anything to third parties.

We do take steps to protect the privacy of our users and their affiliates. Here are the current measures we have in place:

What Data Do We Collect?

Our job is tracking the source of visitors, opt-ins and purchases to our users’ websites and online stores. Our proprietary affiliate tracking technology handles this using first-party cookies and other privacy best practices.

The only piece of information we potentially collect during this process is an email address (if a website visitor opts in to a form posted on our users’ website). This is useful to us in helping us match the eventual purchaser with the original referrer. (If that referrer was an affiliate, we credit him or her for the purchase and award their commission per our users’ commission plan accordingly.)

Who Has Access to Your Data?

Only you, the actual account owner (LeadDyno user) has access to the affiliate and website-related information collected by LeadDyno for their specific website.

We do not access this information, or sell it to third parties, or do anything else with it.

If a LeadDyno user grants us permission to access his or her account (to troubleshoot a problem or setup a commission plan), we are happy to access their account to help out. When we are finished with our task, we log out and do not access the account again unless we are asked to.

You can extend additional access to your account by setting up sub-accounts within LeadDyno. Please ask our customer service team if you’d like a hand with this.

How Do We Secure Your Information?

We follow best practices for protecting all information, during transmission and once it’s received.

We regularly monitor our website and application for potential security vulnerabilities. All sensitive information is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or LeadDyno in general, please contact us. We’re available to speak 7 days a week via phone, email and live chat.