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With LeadDyno, tracking clicks, leads, and sales has never been easier. Launch your affiliate program today.


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LeadDyno offers a risk free 30 day free trial. Cancel anytime. Our customer service representatives are available by email, live chat and scheduled phone calls. We will help you launch your affiliate program and get the most leverage from your efforts.

One-click integrations

Many of our integrations are just one click installs. LeadDyno integrates with 25+ platforms, including e-commerce, marketing, CRM, payment processors. We start tracking clicks, leads, and sales immediately.

How it works - Affiliate Integrations
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Configure your affiliate portal

Customize to match your brand

Your affiliates will visit your branded affiliate portal. In a few easy steps, you can add your logo, choose your color scheme and add some welcome text to the affiliate program landing page.

Upload marketing materials for affiliates

Configure emails, shareable content, banners, and more from your account. All the content is easily shareable by your affiliates.

Create your marketing campaigns

Start tracking all your marketing efforts. Track orders from coupons, referral links, email marketing, social media, and paid ads from one dashboard. Setup unique tracking links for Adwords, Facebook, email marketing, social shares, and more.

How affiliate tracking works

Engage affiliates and automate your marketing


Automatically invite new customers to join your affiliate program. Create email marketing drip campaigns to engage affiliates or customers for actions such as post-purchase or inquiries after cancellation.

Engage your affiliates

Send affiliate newsletters, create trackable coupon codes, create temporary incentives. Give affiliates access to a library of shareable content to promote your brand. And of course reward and bulk pay affiliates in one click.

Reward and pay your affiliates

Choose how to pay affiliates

Pay affiliates with Paypal or use cryptocurrencies with our Coinbase integration.

Bulk pay affiliates

Based on your payment requirements, you can bulk pay your affiliates in a few easy steps using Paypal. You choose the payment interval or thresholds.

How it works - Affiliate Commissions
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Analyze and optimize your affiliate program

View all efforts from one dashboard

Your dashboard features up to date intelligence to help you understand your business. The dashboard features real-time click and commission tracking. View your most shared content across social networks.

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