LeadDyno supports GDPR. While we do not believe this regulation is specifically targeted at business applications like ours, we do support GDPR and have taken measures to develop LeadDyno in accordance with this protocol. We’ll talk specifics in a minute. First, let me share LeadDyno’s business model.

We make money solely by selling subscriptions to our product to our business users. We do not sell data or contact information or anything to third parties. We do take steps to protect the privacy of our users and their affiliates. Here are the current measures we have in place (per GDPR):

What Data Do We Collect?

Our job is tracking the source of visitors, opt-ins and purchases to our users’ websites and online stores. Our proprietary affiliate tracking technology handles this using first-party cookies and other privacy best practices. The only piece of information we potentially collect during this process is an email address (if a website visitor opts in to a form posted on our users’ website). This is useful to us in helping us match the eventual purchaser with the original referrer. (If that referrer was an affiliate, we credit him or her for the purchase and award their commission per our users’ commission plan accordingly.)

Lawful Basis for Processing

According to GDPR, this is lawful basis for processing: “Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party.”

Further GDPR Support

Although not specifically required by GDPR, we are actively developing additional encryption techniques for the processing described above. We will update this document as we roll out additional compliance features. If you have any questions about LeadDyno and GDPR, or our privacy policy in general, please contact our support team.