Affiliate Tracking Features

Grow your sales, monitor your marketing efforts and get exposure to new audiences by launching your own affiliate program.

Set up your affiliate program fast

Launching your own affiliate or referral program has never been easier. Save time, we take care of the heavy lifting by integrating with the world's best platforms. No developers needed.

  • One click integration

    LeadDyno integrates with 25+ platforms including e-Commerce, marketing, payment processors, CRM, email marketing apps and more.

  • Customize your affiliate portal

    We immediately setup your own affiliate portal when you signup. Our setup wizard makes it quick and easy to add your logo, change the colors, text for your affiliate landing page.

  • Simple affiliate impor

    Have an existing affiliate list? We’ve got you covered. We’ll help ensure your affiliates are properly imported so you can setup your LeadDyno affiliate program with ease.

  • Start tracking immediately

    Our system tracks all of your visitors, leads and sales immediately. Access the information in real-time from your own dashboard.

Give affiliates tools for success

LeadDyno features tons of features and tools that help your affiliates succeed and bring you more leads or sales.

  • Shareable content

    Get buzz on social media from your affiliates. Preload content for your affiliates so they can easily share their affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

  • Mobile Apps

    Affiliates will have access to our affiliate mobile app that provides direct access to one-click shareable content as well as all of their sales history.

  • Multiple Tracking Options
    • Links. Each affiliate is automatically given their own link to track their referrals.
    • Coupon codes. On certain e-Commerce platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce you can give affiliates trackable custom coupon codes.
    • Website URL. Assign a specific URL/website to an affiliate and all leads or sales that come from that website are automatically tracked to that affiliate.

Automate your marketing and recruitment

Use our automation tools to help engage affiliates and customers. Save time with our powerful marketing tools.

  • Send affiliates newsletters

    Keep affiliates up-to-date with current product offerings, news or other updates by sending them newsletters from your LeadDyno dashboard.

  • Automatically send follow-up emails

    Set up emails that are automatically send to affiliates or new customers. Set the frequency of the emails that contain your custom messaging.

  • Automatically invite new customers to join your program

    Your customers can be the best affiliates. Automatically send an invitation to each customer that asks them to join your affiliate program.

Analyze stats and tracking campaigns

All of the clicks, leads, conversions are available to view in your LeadDyno dashboard. Get actionable data to focus your marketing budget in certain areas.

  • View data for visitors, leads and sales

    View a breakdown of all of your visitors, leads, and sales and where they came from. The data shows what marketing efforts work the best.

  • Setup and monitor tracking campaigns

    LeadDyno tracking goes beyond tracking affiliates. Set up tracking campaigns to a specific URL. Add a custom campaign code to help monitor your marketing efforts.

  • View results of social sharing

    Every time an affiliate shares one of your campaigns from their dashboard LeadDyno tracks the shares, clicks, leads and sales.

Reward affiliates and grow your sales

Choose how much to reward your affiliates,  how often to pay them and how to pay them.

  • Setup your own commission structure

    Easily setup how much to pay affiliates. Set it up to pay for a percentage of a sale or a fixed amount. Create different payments for different types of affiliates.

  • Setup multi-level marketing (MLM)

    Multi-level marketing is a popular way to incentivize affiliates to recruit other affiliates by giving them additional credit for any purchases their sub-affiliates generated. LeadDyno supports multi-level marketing up to 10 levels.

  •  Bulk pay affiliates

    Easily setup how much to pay affiliates. Set it up to pay for a percentage of a sale or a fixed amount. Create different payments for different types of affiliates.

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