Influencer Marketing 101: Full Demo in 15 Minutes

We host live demos most business days to show you how to successfully launch, scale and manage your affiliate program using LeadDyno and our companion affiliate network In just 15 minutes (plus time for Q&A) our Marketing Director and Co-Founder (and serial entrepreneur) Brett Owens will show you exactly how he uses LeadDyno to manage and scale his own affiliate programs.
He’ll also feature LeadDyno’s slick new affiliate dashboard – a beautiful, mobile-friendly portal unique to each affiliate. It has everything each affiliate needs to promote your website and product, and encourages them to share their link (and track their progress) early and often. We’ll also highlight our e-commerce affiliate network – so that you can start building your commisson-only sales for right away. You can sign up right here to join us live for our next live session:

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A live 15-minute overview with everything you need to know to launch an affiliate program:

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In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to…

  • Get new affiliates everything they need to promote your product(s) and website.
  • Recruit new affiliates while you sleep (including turning your customers into affiliates, too).
  • Join our affiliate network to get access to top influencers already promoting products in your industry.
  • Encourage your affiliates to “social share” your product(s) via Facebook, Twitter, and Email, and other social media.
  • Keep affiliates “in the loop” on their progress with our automated emails.
  • Track and compensate affiliates using our one-click PayPal integration.
  • Send affiliate newsletters.
  • And remember, we’ll set aside time throughout the webcast, and at the end, to field your questions and answer (and/or demo) them for you.