Get Paid To Promote Products: 15 Brands That Make Affiliate Marketing Easy

September 23, 2022
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Did you know you can make easy additional income if you manage a blog or run a popular social media account? That’s right! You can get paid to promote products from brands you love at no additional cost. And you don’t have to be an Amazon affiliate or an expert at influencer marketing to earn money this way. All you need to do is create engaging content to help market your chosen affiliate product!

Read on to learn about 15 different affiliate marketing programs where you can sell products for companies and get paid cash. When compiling this list, we chose unique, high-quality brands to help you get paid to promote products online. Of course, the better the brand, the easier it’ll be for you to make money quickly.

1. Erin Condren – Organization Essentials (10% commission)

make money promoting erin condren planning products

If you love to-do lists, Erin Condren takes scheduling to the next level with their huge selection of planners, notebooks, and stationery. Plus, the brand offers plenty of cute accessories and pop-culture themed collaborations to make organizing fun.

With commissions starting at 10%, this affiliate marketing program is best suited for “content creators, story tellers, and go getters.” So if you want to spread the joy of life planning to your followers this holiday season, apply here to join Erin Condren’s affiliate network.

2. Koldtec - Wearable Cooling Gear  (25% Commission)

get paid promoting koldtec ice towel products

Do you suffer from migraines, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, or just plain tired muscles? If you’re in need of icy relief, Koldtec has you covered with their wearable ice towels. In fact, each towel is made with patented, non-toxic FlexIce, providing you 60 minutes of ice-cold chill.

And it’s easy to make money online through Koldtec’s affiliate program, with their 25% commission rate and 30-day cookie duration. Not to mention, the brand provides plenty of creative marketing materials, so you can share their products on your social media, blog, or website.

Simply sign up here to join their affiliate network and get started marketing Koldtec Ice Towels to your followers.

3. Shine Cosmetics - Makeup Brand

Promote Beauty Bakerie products and get paid

Shine Cosmetics, a brand that passionately empowers women to feel confident through their exceptional makeup line, offers an exciting affiliate program. By signing up, you become a valuable part of the Shine community and have the opportunity to earn commissions for every product you help sell. As an affiliate, you not only promote a brand that prioritizes empowering women but also contribute to enhancing their self-esteem. With a diverse range of high-quality cosmetics designed to enhance natural beauty, Shine Cosmetics ensures that every woman can embrace her individuality and shine with confidence. Join the Shine affiliate program today and embark on a rewarding journey of empowerment and financial success.


4. - for Dog Lovers (10% commission)

Sell products for and get paid

This holiday, don’t forget about your furry family members! provides high quality pet beds, blankets, and wellness products to keep your furry soulmate in high comfort. With features like waterproofing, thick memory foam, and trendy faux animal prints, your pup will be lounging in stylish bliss.

And if you want to find the paw-fect vitamins and supplements, they have a wellness line of soft chews to keep your dog healthy and happy! Make a pet-friendly 10% commission on every sale by joining’s affiliate program here.

5. Hemper - Premium Smoke Supplies for Ultimate Relaxers (8% commission)

Make money promoting Hemper subscription boxes

Want to get in on the highest paying affiliate program in the head shop industry? Hemper provides high quality smoking supplies, packaged discreetly and sent right to your door.

If your target audience enjoys a toke or two, Hemper has tons of quality smoking products to choose from. Or, you can order a subscription box that gets shipped to you every 1-3 months (with your choice of frequency).

And if you’re looking for social proof, over 15,000 reviewers sing the praises of the Hemper Subscription Box. It’s clear from their audience—this is one company that isn’t just blowing smoke.

Ready to help your followers unwind? Get your own Hemper affiliate link and start making 8% commission.

6. LouLou Lollipop - All Things Baby (10% commission)

Sell LouLou Lollipop products and make money

If you’ve been a new parent (or spend time around one), you know what comes with a brand new human: sleep deprivation and a lot of anxiety about your baby’s health. As a company “run by moms,” Lou Lou Lollipop allays new parent worries with their safety commitment. Simply put, the brand vows to sell only “thoroughly vetted, non-toxic products.”

From clothing to soothers to bath and sleep essentials, LouLou Lollipop combines innovative designs with ethical manufacturing practices.

If you’d like to become one of their brand ambassadors this holiday season, Lou Lou Lollipop provides a 10% commission on all sales within a 14-day cookie window.

The brand also offers a library of creative materials to help with online marketing. And affiliates who go the extra mile can also receive VIP and bonus rewards.

Apply to start earning money by promoting their products here!

7. Minted - Independent Artist Designs (20% commission)

Promote Minted products and make money

If you enjoy giving unique gifts and supporting independent artists, Minted is a hidden holiday gem. Choose from a selection of curated pieces, including fine art, digital products, furniture, bags and totes, personalized gifts, and school supplies.

Plus, if you’re planning a wedding, Minted offers customized invitations, stationery, and wedding decor, all created by independent artists.

With commission rates of up to 20%, a 120-day cookie window, and an average sale value equaling $200, this affiliate program is a unique and lucrative prospect for interested brand ambassadors. You can apply for their affiliate program here.


8. Cents of Style for Fashion Mavens (10% commission)

Make money promoting clothing through Cents of Style

Are friends always asking you where you got your latest outfit? If so, you might just be the perfect candidate for Cents of Style’s affiliate program. Cents of Style prides itself on being a trendy and affordable brand that empowers women to live with confidence. From cozy basics and graphic tees to the perfect dresses for a night out, Cents of Style offers a variety of fashionable finds at great prices.

Furthermore, their affiliate program aligns with their empowering mission. As a matter of fact, their program’s affiliate commission runs quite high for the apparel industry. Their tiered commission structure starts at 10%, with the potential to up-level to a whopping 18%.

Want to support a woman-owned business while sharing your latest clothing purchases with your inner circle? Then apply here to get your affiliate link and start earning monthly commissions.

9. Welly - Ethical Water Bottles for Drinking with Purpose (20% commission)

make money promoting Welly brand water bottles

Did you know that water makes up 60% of the human body? Staying hydrated is an essential part of your health. And Welly makes it easy to keep the H20 flowing, with their stylish, Earth-friendly travel bottles. Made of sustainable bamboo, Welly’s minimalist bottles and mugs are fully insulated. In other words, they can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 14!

Plus, you can feel good about your carbon footprint with a Welly water bottle. Not only are these products plastic-free, but Welly also donates 1% of all profits to help provide clean water to developing nations.

The brand offers influencers and affiliate partners a 20% commission on all affiliate sales within their 30-day cookie window. And with an average sale value of $50, that total adds up quickly. So sign up to become a Welly affiliate marketer here.

10. Otterbox - Indestructible Cell Phone Cases (10% commission)

Get paid promoting Otterbox tech products

Know that terrible feeling you get when you drop your phone and it tumbles to the ground? Otterbox understands it all too well. So they found a solution and designed highly durable cell phone cases to fully protect your precious mobile device.

Along with carrying the strongest cell phone protection on the market, Otterbox offers tons of quality accessories for your many devices. Their product list includes screen protection, customized cases, chargers, pop sockets, power banks, and more! Plus, they  offer gaming accessories and high quality outdoor gear. That’s quite a variety of gifts to choose from for your friends and family!

Otterbox’s affiliate program is free to join. And affiliate marketers make a 10% commission on clicks made within the 30-day cookie duration. Moreover, Otterbox boasts that its affiliate partners get paid to promote products that “sell themselves,” based on the quality and high social proof levels.

You can apply to get your Otterbox affiliate link and advertising materials here.

11. Burju - for Shoe Addicts Who Love to Dance (10% commission)

promote Burju shoes and get paid

Want to dance the night away without having to limp home? Burju was created for people who love high heels but hate the foot pain that inevitably comes with.

Headed by a salsa/mambo dancer with fifteen years of professional dance experience, Burju provides stylish shoes matched equally in comfort and quality. Along with their wide range of shoe styles, Burju also offers a Conscious Clothing line for environmentally-friendly fashion choices.

Burju fans can fund their shoe addiction by becoming a brand ambassador this holiday season. Not only do you receive a 10% commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link, but the purchaser also receives 10% off their order!

All that’s required is that your social media profile on Instagram and/or TikTok is public, has quality content, and receives solid engagement. However, you don’t need a minimum follower number to apply!


12. - for Book Lovers (10% commission) logo make money promoting books

Is your holiday wish list full of books this year? rewards book lovers with its straightforward affiliate program. Simply share your favorite books with your followers and earn a 10% commission from anyone who buys through your affiliate link. Even better, for every sale you make, the company also donates a matching 10% to local independent bookstores.

Notably, also makes a name for itself as an eCommerce store that enthusiastically supports local independent bookstores. The company calls itself “an alternative to Amazon for socially-conscious online shoppers.”

If you’d like to make some additional income while supporting a good cause this holiday season, just sign up to join their affiliate program here.

13. Charlotte’s Web - Relaxing CBD Products (15% commission)

Make money selling Charlotte's Web CBD products

According to New Frontier Data, by the end of 2022, the market for CBD products will reach 1.3 BILLION dollars. As such, if you’re looking to get in on a lucrative growing industry, Charlotte’s Web is a trustworthy CBD brand with a stellar reputation. Not only is the brand B-corp certified, but they also follow the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP’s).

Charlotte’s Web offers a variety of tinctures, gummies, capsules, and topicals with high quality CBD and other beneficial ingredients to help in managing sleep and stress levels. And the brand’s high quality CBD also provides your body an extra boost of calm and focus when needed.

Once you become an affiliate of Charlotte’s Web, you’ll earn up to 15% commission every time you promote through the affiliate link on your website or social media platform. You can apply to join the Charlotte’s Web affiliate marketing program here.

14. MUD/WTR - Healthy Coffee Alternative ($10 per sale)

Earn money promoting Mud/Wtr brand products

Looking to avoid the mid-day caffeine crash? If you’re a coffee lover, MUD/WTR provides a healthy alternative to the jittery bean water we all love so much. Rather than boosting your energy and focus with caffeine, MUD/WTR uses adaptogenic mushrooms and other natural ingredients to boost your productivity and immunity without the come down you get from caffeine.

And if you’d like to hack your sleep cycle, MUD/WTR also provides calming blends to help you sleep deeper and longer. If you’d like to give the gift of energy to your family and friends this holiday season, this is one affiliate network you want to join.

MUD/WTR provides a flat rate commission of $10 per sale to all brand ambassadors. The only requirements to apply are that you must have an established website or social media engagement of at least 3%. To join their affiliate network, just fill out their affiliate application here.

15. LeadDyno - Affiliate Marketing Software (30% commission)

Did you know we have our own affiliate program! You read that right, you can also make money by promoting LeadDyno to your community. LeadDyno offers streamlined affiliate marketing software that empowers thousands of business and brand owners to launch and grow their revenue while efficiently managing their affiliate program.

Earn a  recurring 30% commission on all referred subscription signups. LeadDyno offers a great opportunity to earn additional income while promoting a powerful and effective tool for businesses to increase their revenue.

Promoting LeadDyno to your community is easy and straightforward. Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you'll get access to a library of creative resources, including links, banners, and digital materials. You can use these resources to easily promote LeadDyno on social media, through email, on your website, or in your blog. Join us today and start earning money for promoting LeadDyno, sign up here!


It might seem that only influencers with thousands of followers can make money promoting products, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have passion and consistency, you too can get paid to promote products through your online content and social media. In short, you don’t need a huge following to find success in affiliate marketing.

The opportunities for promotion are many, whether you’re sharing to your personal Instagram story, advertising through a blog, or posting a banner on your website. As long as you know your target audience and product value, you have as good a chance as any to be a strong affiliate partner.

And if you’d like to learn more about making income through an affiliate program, you can check out this guide to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Now go forward and make that dough!

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