3 New Clothing Affiliate Programs: Sunglasses, Swimsuits, T-Shirts

As the cool weather descends, we’ve been hit hard by a wave of nostalgia, so we’ve been browsing through tons of products that remind us of the carefree summer days of the recent past. Here are two of the lovely things we found:

sungFrom Twisted Palms Trading Company, these Knockaround premium sunglasses would be ideal for those evenings spent watching the sun spill brilliantly over the lapping sea as it sets. We’re immediately transported back, hearing the cries of gulls circling overhead, looking for the last fishy meal of the evening, or perhaps for an easy human target who’s eating French fries in a less than circumspect manner. We feel the momentary but excruciating brain freeze as our slightly alcoholic slushie hits the back of our throat. We sigh as we realize that our Sol has turned his face away from us for the long, lonely months ahead, and we want to buy these to recapture those rapidly fading warm days, a talisman to reassure us that summer will return.

Join the Twisted Palms Affiliate Program

eagerOf course, sunglasses go best with swimsuits, so including the collection from Eager Store is a great idea. With fun prints and interesting styles, it’s not just the same old. The real trick here is not only including categories that play well together, but paying careful attention to co-ordinating colorways between your products. This makes it easier for shoppers to load up their carts, confident that every item they choose will work seamlessly with everything else. Imagine the Coachella bikini popping up in the suggested items when a shopper looks at the Knockaround premiums:

Immediately, she starts planning her tropical getaway, creating an escape plan in her mind which she can deploy during the bitterest mid-winter days. Her finger hovers over the buy button as she imagines packing for those precious few days of sunshine and seagrapes, using the conjured images of restorative relaxation as insulation against the increasing chill of the fall breezes.

 Join the Eager Store Affiliate Program Here.

teesAnd the piece de resistance? An oversized tee from Kwotees, a company that prints quotes taken directly from your inner monologue onto high-quality American Apparel t-shirts. After a long day of lazy swimming, the sun might go to sleep before you’re ready to leave the beach.

That’s when you reach for a supremely cozy oversized t-shirt to cover up with. But you’re on your dream vacation, so it would be a terrible waste to cover up too completely. We think this appropriately printed tee shirt fits the bill, as it expresses our sentiments perfectly; sandy shores are no place for pants.

 Join the Kwotees Affiliate Program Here.

Allowing yourself to inhabit the minds of your customers always makes for a better selection. But as our partner in sales, we’ll gladly do that kind of heavy lifting for you. Don’t miss the next product spotlight – make sure you add us to your list of approved senders right this minute.

Until next time!

2 Protein Products With Hot Affiliate Programs


cpCampus Protein for 8% Affiliate Commissions

If you’re helping people find the best ways to get more protein in their diets, why not go with a brand that has a lot of different options for supplements and snacks to help gain muscle and lose fat? Campus Protein has a wide range of really great protein powders and other products to help college students and other workout junkies get through the day with more energy and better performance.

And they don’t just sell protein powder on its own, either. They also sell product stacks, like the Weight Loss Combo Kit or the Look Better Naked stack. My personal favorite of all the stacks, though, is the Munchies Stack.

 If you crave brownies, cookies, or candy bars, you’ll love this one, too. It provides healthy, high-protein alternatives to those desserts that you aren’t supposed to eat when you’re trying to get lean and mean! Each stack comes with three cookies, three brownies, and three delicious protein bars. And the bars’ flavors include things like birthday cake, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum!

bentillaBentilia for 15% Affiliate Commissions

If you’re like me, you probably love spaghetti and basically all forms of pasta. But you know that you can’t eat a big bowl of macaroni if you want to keep your metabolism going strong, right? Actually, not so fast! Bentilia has elbow macaroni made from green lentil beans, and you know how healthy lentils are. This could be a huge discovery for your pasta-loving followers who want to keep getting fitter without giving up on their mac and cheese.

Bentilia also offers rotini and penne, too, so you can satisfy all of your different pasta cravings (I know you have them – I definitely do!), without all the carbs and with a lot of healthy protein.

 Join the Bentilia Affiliate Program Here.

Start with these two products from the health listings at E-CommerceAffiliates.com and then check out the other product listings available for affiliates there, as well. You might be surprised at some of the awesome products you could be promoting. And, because they’re all as high quality as these, you’ll want to try some samples for yourself, too!

Healthy Commissions For Magical Butter, Vegan Protein & Get Your Boom Back

mb2e2Everyone needs some Magical Butter in their life.  Known for the MagicalButter Machine, that grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract for your ultimate herbal recipies.  From herbal butters, oils, tinctures, soups, sauces, skin care products, pet medicines and lots more. Affiliates earn a magical $35 commission on sales.

Apply to become an affiliate of Magic Butter here.

tpAs a vegan, fulfilling your protein needs can be a challenge never mind finding protein powders that are vegan friendly.  That Protein offers the only organic vegan protein powders that are fused with superfoods.  Developed by nutritionists, That Protein products are non-GMO, with no added sure, dairy free and artificial ingredient free. Protein powders are priced from $16.94 and affiliates can earn a commission of 20% of sales that is recurring up to 12 months.

Apply here to become an affiliate of That Protein.

boomFor most of us, life has become stressful and demanding.  There is too much to keep up with than we are able.  We’re always feeling burnt out, sluggish or run down.  If we’re not tired, we’re unwell – all because our bodies lack the boost that it needs to keep up with everything.  Get Your Boom Back offers amino health and vitality supplements that will give you your spring back and get strong to cope with life.  You’ll be feeling energized and ready to take on anything. Products are priced from $55 and affiliates can earn a commission of up to 30%.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Get Your Boom Back.

How to Find More Affiliate Products

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3 Tech Affiliate Programs: Headphones, Hats, Cases


While I wwrapas browsing through the thousands of products our affiliate partners are offering to you, I came across these amazing headphones by a company called My Wraps.

I immediately put them in my cart before remembering that I was on a self-imposed “no buy” for the rest of the month. (I took them out of my cart, but saved the page. As soon as Nov 1 rolls around, these babies are mine!)

Available in different styles and colors, the My Wrap headphones are great gifts for the fashion-conscious
geek, or someone who appreciates a lot of form in their functional items (or is it the other way around?) Depending on the type you decide to carry in your store, you can appeal to everyone from the music-obsessed middle schooler to the mom who listens to mantra meditation on her way to yoga class. A generous 20% commission from this supplier is the icing on the cake, leaving absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t stock at least one style of My Wrap ‘phones in your online store.

Join the Wraps Affiliate Program Here.

captureAfter browsing around the product offerings a bit more, I found myself hovering over the  link to the SolSol hat website. Now, let me explain myself. I know the average Joe or Jane might find the idea of a baseball cap with a brim made from solar panels to be way outside the realm of acceptable fashion, but TRUST me when I say there is definitely a market for such an odd-looking hat.

Again, the key to making great sales is in the message, and the marketing. Imagine going for a walk on a sweet summer day, and getting caught up in the sounds and scents of abundant nature. Wearing a SolSol hat would keep your phone topped up so that your battery will last as long as your tunes do. Sure, the hat can’t compete with your 10000mAH power brick, but it’s perfectly good for a continuous trickle charge, once you’re not doing anything overly strenuous with your mobile device. Again, this nifty product can appeal to everyone from inveterate texters to Twitterphiles. Check out the cool colourways on the product site, and keep in mind that the 20% commission offered means that you earn a whopping $14 for each sale you make!

Join the SolSol Affiliate Program Here.

 captureThe final great gift option I found during my browsing session might be the best. This one I actually purchased, in defiance of my no-buy, because my little sister just got herself a Galaxy S7 Edge (to replace her S6 Edge, which met an unfortunate end when she got tossed into a pool, fully clothed.) to prevent the same fate from befalling her new phone, I decided to get her this awesome waterproof case from Uviyo.

I’ve always found it a shame to cover up beautifully designed phones with clunky cases, and so I’m thrilled that this case allows the sleek lines of the S7 to really shine through. Added to that the quality of construction and the tight seal which this provides, and it is truly the best case you can buy for someone who is less than careful with their device, or even for someone who’d going on a tropical cruise during the winter months. With this case, you won’t need to invest in pricey underwater cameras just to take pics of the creatures you encounter when snorkeling – just snap it on and snap away!

I hope you enjoyed this product roundup. Although I focused on the tech category this time, these items could work for many different stores. If you’re stocking any of these in your online store, drop me a line and let me know how your customers like them!

Join the Uviyo Affiliate Program Here.


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Best SaaS Affiliate Programs – Fall 2016

I’m writing today to share the best SaaS affiliate programs of today with you. I pulled them from our SaaS category listings on E-CommerceAffiliates.com, which you can view right here.

These are all high quality products worthy of you sharing on your website and in your social media channels. Plus, they boast great affiliate programs and will pay you generous sales commissions for your efforts!

(PS – If you have a product to promote in our affiliate marketplace, you can sign up as a merchant and be considered for a future feature here.)

Screenshot 2016-05-05 14.21.00.png

$100 Per Paid Signup With LeadFuze’s “Lead Gen on Autopilot”

As a marketer, I’m sure you put in some time back in the day cold calling prospects. What a miserable way to get business, right?

Fortunately we now have the internet and email. Only problem is that it’s still a time consuming process to find someone’s contact info, send them an intro email, and then actually follow up until they reply.

Enter LeadFuze, helps marketers quickly gather their prospects’ contact info AND send personal emails and follow ups to them automatically. It’s the ultimate in outbound sales automation, used by Crazy Egg themselves and other leading brands.

Great company, cool concept, and they’ll pay you $100 per paid sign up that you refer. This is a “must have” marketing automation tool to promote – and you can join LeadFuze’s affiliate program right here.

Manage E-Commerce Inventory with Megaventory for 20%+ Commissions

best saas affiliate programsNo doubt, e-commerce stores that sell physical goods are the “man’s game” of selling online. You know how much goes into setting up a website, adding content, getting qualified traffic, and actually monetizing those visitors (via advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling an actual product.)

Now imagine that you sell a physical product AND after all those steps you still need to actually ship and deliver it. Enter Megaventory, a slick order tracking and inventory management system with a nice one-click integration to Magento. They’ll manage your products and clients across multiple locations too, if you have them.

If you have an e-commerce audience, this is a great SaaS app to promote. In addition to Magento the Megaventory crew also has hook-ins to Zapier and Salescast. Affiliate commissions start at a generous 20% – you can click here to apply to Megaventory’s affiliate program.

Easy SEO for 1-Year of Recurring 15% Commissions 

seo saas affiliate programYesterday I was having lunch with one of our users. Smart guy, quite technically savvy (built his own slick-looking website and such.) We started talking about SEO – like most people, he knew the basics but not the latest ins and outs.

That’s the case for most online business owners. So we consider hiring consultants, but the problem is there’s no way to tell who is full of crap!

Enter Places Scout, an automated SEO tool that helps its users dominate local SEO. If you’re an SEO consultant yourself, this is a great tool to have in your back pocket. It’s also a nice way to generate passive income in addition to your service fees (15% of the first year). Click here to sign up for Places Scout’s affiliate program.

How to Find the Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

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Connecting SaaS Affiliates With Software Providers

E-CommerceAffiliates.com is the only affiliate network dedicated to e-commerce products. Our founding LeadDyno team launched “ECA” in 2016 to provide intros between high quality e-commerce merchants and affiliates interested in promoting their products.