Up To 50% Commissions On These New Health Products

Just wanted to share three new Health Products with you. I pulled them from Health category listings on E-CommerceAffiliates.com.


Organic Weight Loss Supplements for 50% Commission
With over 50% of people that wish to be slimmer, it’s no surprise that the demand for weight loss products is high.  Although not all weight loss supplements are harmful, there are those with harmful side-effects such as high-blood pressure, kidney problems, increased heart rate and liver damage – just to name a few.  Losing weight should not come at the price of compromising your overall health.  Fitness Mac has created a range of organic plant-based supplements that will allow you to lose weight without experiencing harsh side-effects as with other products in the market.

From $48.99, Fitness Mac offers weight loss and dietary supplements, vitamins and fitness products.  Affiliates earn a very healthy commission of 50% on sales.


Apply here to become an affiliate of Fitness Mac.




Guilt-Free Pizza for 5% Commission
Now, the biggest problem I have with “eating clean” is that I feel that I need to turn into a plant eating animal in order to be a law-abiding dieter.  I’m sorry, but trading taste bud tantalizing food for less palatable food such as leaves and roots is not a deal I’d like to make.

I enjoy my pizza, just as with most of the population.  For this reason, my taste buds are forever indebted to Cali’Flour Foods because they have created a low-carb, gluten-free pizza crust made from cauliflower.  I can finally enjoy my pizza without breaking any low-carb rules – and so can you!  Guilt-free. Get your pack of cauliflower pizza crusts from as little as $12.95.  Affiliates earn a commission of 5%.


Apply here to become an affiliate of Cali’Flour Foods.



BackGenie for $25 Commission
Technology has certainly played a significant role in improving not only our lifestyle but our health as well.  We all remember being given that lecture in school about the importance of having an upright posture so that we don’t have hunchbacks.  An image of an old granny with a walking stick comes to mind.

If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting behind a computer for most of the day and if you don’t have a supportive chair you could cause long-term damage to your back – just like granny with her walking stick.  Hey, we’re all going to age but none of us want an express ticket to old age.  Do your back a favor and get the innovative BackGenie.  This portable, light-weight device promotes perfect posture and reduces neck and back pain.  It will make any chair ergonomic. Save yourself from aches and pains and get BackGenie for $49.  Affiliates earn $25 on every sale.


Apply here to become an affiliate of BackGenie.


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While I was browsing through the thousands of products our affiliate partners are offering to you, I came across these amazing headphones by a company called My Wraps.

geek, or someone who appreciates a lot of form in their functional items, A generous 20% commission from this supplier is the icing on the cake, leaving absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t stock at least one style of My Wrap ‘phones in your online store.

Join the Wraps Affiliate Program Here.





From Twisted Palms Trading Company, these Knockaround premium sunglasses would be ideal for those evenings spent watching the sun spill brilliantly over the lapping sea as it sets. We’re immediately transported back, hearing the cries of gulls circling overhead, looking for the last fishy meal of the evening, or perhaps for an easy human target who’s eating French fries in a less than circumspect manner. We feel the momentary but excruciating brain freeze as our slightly alcoholic slushie hits the back of our throat. We sigh as we realize that our Sol has turned his face away from us for the long, lonely months ahead, and we want to buy these to recapture those rapidly fading warm days, a talisman to reassure us that summer will return.

Join the Twisted Palms Affiliate Program




Wedding planning just got a little bit more fun with Hello Bride goodies.  Brides can get their wedding planning started on a great note with wedding planning starter kits, bride boxes, checklists, note pads and much more.  Products are customizable so brides can treasure these special personal keepsakes.

Products are priced from $5 to $525 and affiliates can earn a commission of 15% of sales.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Hello Bride.





If you’re like me, you probably love spaghetti and basically all forms of pasta. But you know that you can’t eat a big bowl of macaroni if you want to keep your metabolism going strong, right? Actually, not so fast! Bentilia has elbow macaroni made from green lentil beans, and you know how healthy lentils are. This could be a huge discovery for your pasta-loving followers who want to keep getting fitter without giving up on their mac and cheese.

Join the Bentilia Affiliate Program Here.




Sometimes an ordinary shake bottle doesn’t cut it to sufficiently mix your powder shakes and the hassle of using a blender is not completely necessary either.  PROMiXX offers the sexiest and most advanced sports vortex bottle for all your powder shakes.  It makes the smoothest shakes in the fastest time, anywhere and anytime.  Mix your shakes on the go with this trendy high gloss vortex bottle. The detachable motor is battery powered and the bottle is 100% BPA and DEHP free plastic.Used by elite athletes, you’ll want a trendy innovative PROMiXX vortex bottle for yourself. You can purchase a bottle from $29.  Affiliates earn a commission of 10%.





Need to instantly brighten up a room and set a specific atmosphere in a room?  Wall stickers have become a popular décor trend and the French online store, Decos Murales, has affordable wall art for your home from as little €2.47.  You’ll find affordable and original wall art stickers, wall clocks, shelves as well as wall support décor accessories suitable for your kitchen, living room or nursery. Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Decos Murales.






Coconut oil has over 30 health benefits.  For your hair, coconut oil will promote hair growth and a healthy sculp.  It will also prevent split ends and hair breakage.  For your skin, coconut oil is a great moisturizer with natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities.  Made in Fiji Islands, CocoNiu offers chemical-free virgin coconut oil that is 100% organic with preserved nutrients such as lauric acid, vitamin A & K as well as iron.  Your hair and skin will be getting the real deal.  Coconut oil does not get any better than this.

A tube is $14 and worldwide shipping costs only $5.  Get free shipping if you buy 3 or more tubes.  Affiliates earn 15% commission.

Apply here to become an affiliate of CocoNiu.




If you’re an easy going person that enjoys a bit of humor in your life, then you’ll love the Epic T-Shirt Company.  With a range of tees and hoodies for women, unisex and youth – you’ll find a humorous print on pop culture inspired by TV and the internet.  Gift that funny person you know with a tee or hoodie that will give them some smiles
Apply here to become an affiliate of Epic T-Shirts Company.







Everyone needs some Magical Butter in their life.  Known for the MagicalButter Machine, that grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract for your ultimate herbal recipies.  From herbal butters, oils, tinctures, soups, sauces, skin care products, pet medicines and lots more. Affiliates earn a magical $35 commission on sales.

Apply to become an affiliate of Magic Butter here.



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