Why Is Ecwid So Popular With E-Commerce Sellers?

Ecwid Affiliate Marketing

Managing e-commerce management is dizzying enough — but success in digital sales goes beyond tracking customers, inventory, and orders. It’s also about building a presence that meets consumer demand for security, reliability, and a positive shopping experience.

That’s why the online platform Ecwid thrives in the e-commerce world. It’s meant to make your life as a business owner easier through features like:

  • Instant, no-fuss installation so you can start selling right away
  • Personalization tools that convert and retain customers
  • Robust tracking and management across multiple channels, wherever your sales occur

But the best sales strategy these days is driven by digital marketing — and Ecwid does that, too. Through app integrations, you can also launch, monitor, and evaluate an affiliate marketing program tailored to your business. 

Functionality like this is critical. Studies show that 16% of all online sales today come from business affiliates. However, returns start with finding the right affiliate partners and then carefully managing each of those relationships.

By integrating with an affiliate plugin like LeadDyno, Ecwid can help you stay on top of everything, from promoting products to collaborating with partners, all in one place. 

Why Is Ecwid Popular for E-Commerce?

With its forever-free plan and complete store setup in a few simple clicks, Ecwid is the simplest go-to-market digital sales solution. But this ease of use is only the beginning. 

Once installed, the platform looks at the entire digital sales process from various perspectives — your point of view, your customers’, and in consideration of the growth of your business. While not all features are part of Ecwid’s free package, you can customize your toolbar with upgrades to access exactly what you need.

Streamlines E-Commerce and SaaS Operations

If you’ve built a website and are ready to monetize, there’s no need to sacrifice the domain’s evolving SEO authority and visibility because you need to devote more time to e-commerce efforts.

Use Ecwid. Once you do, your site will have a shopping cart, products on display, and more than 50 ways to collect customer payments. Ecwid even adapts to match your website’s branding and design. No new URL, redirection, complex coding, or transaction fees when you make a sale. 

If you don’t have a digital presence yet, Ecwid can help you create an e-commerce website for free. You can:

  • Start simple with a one-page Instant Site
  • Keep building with intuitive editing tools to add content like an about page, contact information, and customer testimonials  
  • Choose from 75 premade templates that are customizable to an extent — though you can add code if you’re looking to make deeper design changes 

Either way, this e-commerce platform can serve as your business’s cash register and work like the best assistant manager you’ve ever had. Ecwid can:

  • Back up your store to the cloud, so all your data is safe no matter what
  • Enable multi-channel selling, from Google or Instagram to your Facebook store
  • Make recommendations to improve your site’s SEO and drive more traffic 
  • Manage inventory and tracks sales by origin, like a channel or an affiliate partner

Ecwid lets you fulfill orders, run promotions, contact customers, and manage products from anywhere — whether you’re on a desktop or your phone. Best of all, these features are built into Ecwid’s control panel. There are no conflicting plugins, third-party apps, or sluggish code that can disrupt your store’s speed, design, and functionality. 

Builds a customer-centric experience

A positive experience converts buyers into loyal customers. After all, happy customers are five times more likely to buy again and four times more likely to refer their friends. Ecwid integration helps you put your best foot forward. Tick off the boxes that your customers expect by offering:

  • A mobile-optimized storefront that sells and looks great on any device
  • Automatic localization, so your storefront speaks a customer’s language and lists prices in their currency
  • Multi-channel reach, so a potential lead can access your products from Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, or wherever your audience spends their time
  • Secure data exchange backed by a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Service Provider

Empowered with more choices than ever before, consumers today also get frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences. More than 90% say they’re more likely to buy from a company that customizes things like offers and product recommendations. Get more personal to encourage better engagement with Ecwid’s customer-oriented features, like: 

  • Automatic shopping cart saving
  • Favorite product and abandoned cart reminders
  • Featured or popular product displays
  • Special discount codes and promotions
  • Automatic exit offers
  • Localized shipping options

Ecwid also allows you to add social sharing buttons and offer wholesale pricing to your customers.

Simplifies digital marketing

In a perfect world, sales floodgates would open up as soon as you launch your e-commerce storefront. While this may not happen overnight in the real world, we’ve got digital marketing to grease the wheels. 

Here’s a big reason why Ecwid is popular: It gets that you don’t need more things to manage. It gives you the tools to launch traditional marketing initiatives like Google ad campaigns — and more. By integrating with LeadDyno, you can also build and manage a growing team of partners that market and sell on your behalf.

With this Ecwid affiliate plugin, your products and services don’t just appear on your audiences’ screens. Your reach extends to each partner’s following. As your program’s reputation grows, you attract higher value promoters that offer more and more visibility. 

Through Ecwid, LeadDyno can set this affiliate program up quickly — and then track all orders moving forward automatically. Whether sales come from referral links, emails, social media, or paid advertising — LeadDyno can monitor all of your digital marketing campaigns while you use it as part of your Ecwid experience.

The collected data can inform a strategy that maximizes profits while overcoming common affiliate marketing challenges, like: 

  • Choosing partners that bring in leads and segmenting affiliates to optimize gains
  • Communicating with affiliates through newsletters and shareable content 
  • Encouraging high-performing affiliates with special discount codes and promotions
  • Ensuring commission terms are met and paying affiliates on time
  • Identifying new market opportunities and attracting recruits to access an audience

Want to Learn More About Ecwid and LeadDyno?

Now that you know why Ecwid is popular, the rest is easy. If you’re already using Ecwid, app integrations are the logical next step.

Get in touch with LeadDyno to learn more about how you can develop an affiliate program that works. Or try LeadDyno out for free for 30 days and see how it works well it works with the Ecwid affiliate app. We’ve tracked 56 million referrals to date — your e-commerce sales could be next.

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