Why Consider Affiliate Marketing for Your E-commerce Store?

Affiliate marketing complements and sometimes replaces other types of online and offline marketing as an important channel to market. Here’s how an affiliate marketing program can benefit your online business!

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition

No payment is made to affiliates unless they refer a visitor who subsequently becomes a customer. So, there is no wasted budget in affiliate marketing.

Brand Visibility

One of the greatest side benefits of eCommerce affiliate marketing is brand exposure. Affiliates can secure high search engine listings and display your ads on their website.

Targeted Prospects

Affiliates choose the ads they wish to place on their websites. They know their audience and will pick the campaigns most suited to their demographic.

Outsourced Marketing

Many affiliates are experts in search engine marketing, providing you with a way of potentially getting to the top of Google without needing to spend a fortune on SEO or PPC.


A key appeal for online businesses is the transparency of return on investment, through the ability to track the origin of sales. You can see exactly where and when sales are made.

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