What’s New in LeadDyno: September Updates

What's New in LeadDyno: September Updates

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and update our platform to meet your needs and requests. Moving forward, we’ll be providing a monthly summary highlighting all the app updates that impact you. And we always welcome your feedback. If you have feature requests or feedback on our current features, please send us an email to [email protected].

What’s New in LeadDyno

Here’s what we’ve been working on this September:

  • New Purchase Reporting Screen
  • Weekly Summary Email

New Purchase Reporting Screen

You spoke and we listened! This is just the beginning of an overhaul relating to our reporting functions. In the coming weeks and months you’ll be seeing updates to other key aspects of LeadDyno reporting as well. To start, you will now see a new ‘Reporting’ section in the left hand menu. As we add new screens for these key reporting areas, they’ll be added here, until then, the current links will lead you to the existing screens.

The first screen to get a makeover is the Purchase screen. There are a few things that we’d love to point out to you.

Affiliate Program Success

The new “Affiliate Only” toggle gives you a chance to look at all your purchase (numbers) and sale (value) data driven directly from your affiliate program. Toggle it off and you can see the full picture of your purchases and sales across all sources. Now more than ever you can truly see the impact your affiliate program is making on your business! 

Highlighting What Matters Most

Set a date range to view your purchases (number) and sales (value) for the selected date range. See how it compares to the past range, and how your different sources contribute to your bottom line. Hover over the pie charts to see more details. 


Giving you a quick glance at how things are progressing. View your purchases against sales and overall vs affiliate driven. 

The Details

Dig into the details you need to make decisions. You’ve got all the data you had before, plus the ability to sort all columns, now including by affiliate and by SKU. 


With enhancements to exporting, we now grab the date range you’ve set at the top of the screen, whether you’ve selected affiliate only view or all sources (and any narrowing down you’ve done around things like viewing a specific source or purchase status) and provide you with the ability to export exactly what you’re interested in. 

Weekly Summary Email

Weekly Summary Email

We hope you love us, but you don’t need to hear from us EVERY day, so we have now switched the daily summary email to a weekly summary email – this way you’ll have less clutter in your inbox and more meaningful updates, especially because now we are reporting specifically what your affiliate program is generating. We know you can get your other metrics elsewhere, so these updates will provide a better glance into how your affiliate program is doing! 

So that’s what we’ve been up to recently and we have more coming soon in our October release. As always, if you have feature requests or feedback on our current features, please send us an email to [email protected]. We’d really love to hear from you.

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