What’s New in LeadDyno: November Updates

November Updates

Welcome to What’s New in LeadDyno November edition! We hope you’ve been taking full advantage of the new Purchases and Customers screen. We are excited to share what we have in store for you.

What's New in LeadDyno

Here’s what we’ve been getting ready for you this November:

  • New Leads Reporting Screen
  • Updated Automated Affiliate Email

Leads Reporting Screen

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been working on our reporting capabilities. We brought you brand new Purchases and Customers screens, and now we’d like to introduce the new and improved Leads reporting screen.

All Leads

LeadDyno classifies a lead as someone who has indicated interest in your company, product, or service by giving you their email address. Here at LeadDyno, we want to help you track which of those leads were driven by your affiliates to give you better insight into how your affiliate program is performing. From there, you can compare your other lead sources to really understand what is driving your business.

There’s a few things that remain the same, like the ability to create a lead directly on this screen, and a few new things that we’d love to point out to you.

Where are Leads Coming From?

Now that you’ve seen this layout in the Purchases and Customers screens, you might be a little more comfortable navigating around it, starting with the “Affiliate Only” toggle. 

When you have the “Affiliate Only” toggle on, you’ll be able to see the total number of affiliate driven leads, as well as the total percentage they represent. When the “Affiliates Only” is toggled off, you’ll have a very clear breakdown around which leads came directly to your site (i.e. organic search), from a campaign (i.e paid media), or from one of your affiliates.

But How Does it Compare?

Everyone loves a good graph, especially when it shows you exactly what you’re looking for. The new Leads reporting graph allows you to very quickly and easily compare affiliate driven leads to overall leads. You can follow along the lines of the graph to compare the total number of leads brought by affiliates at a specific point in time

Speaking of specific points in time, similar to the Purchases and Customers screen, you can set your date range and have it follow you through the whole screen and into your export. Because we know the importance of date-driven data. 

*Note for Starter, Plus, and Pro customers data is available for up to 18 months. Premium customers can request to export data older than 18 months through the Export CSV feature.

Let's Get Into the Details

The table is broken down into 5 columns that will show you the most essential details you need to know about your leads; 1. the leads email, 2. the source type (i.e. if they came from an affiliate, direct, or a campaign), 3. the source detail – where they came from (i.e. the affiliates email, google, or campaign name), and 4. first seen date and 5. last seen date in which the leads came to your site. We hope you’ll find this information very useful!


You still have the ability to export all the details you need and include any or all of the fields in the table, and it pulls the date range you’ve set for the screen (which can be updated in the export settings too).

Updated Automated Affiliate Email Page

LeadDyno is designed to automate your affiliate program as much as possible, and one of the best tools for doing so is email. LeadDyno allows you to send emails to affiliates on various events to provide them information, as well as keep them engaged.

Automated Affiliate Emails Page

We’ve made a few updates to the affiliate email page to make the email sending process simpler. The new design allows you to see if the automated email is enabled or disabled right from the main email settings page, without having to go into each email to check. If you wish to edit the email you can click on the “edit” button next to each email. We hope this brings you better visibility into which one of your automated affiliate emails are enabled or disabled.

If you haven’t yet set up automated emails and need a little guidance check out this step-by-step help doc and get started!

You know we’ve been busy, and we have plenty more updates coming your way in early 2023.

As always, if you have feature requests or feedback on our current features, please send us an email to [email protected] We’d really love to hear from you.

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