What’s New in LeadDyno 2021.11

What's New in LeadDyno

New Integrations

  • Wix: New Integration is live in the Wix app store (help doc)
  • WooCommerce: New integration with coupon code syncing (help doc)

Integration Updates

  • Jotform Update: Assign signup forms to specific affiliate groups using Jotform. Setup multiple signup forms. Depending on the signup form that is used will automatically assign the affiliate to a specific Affiliate Group.

Affiliate Management Updates

  • Request Paypal email at signup: An option was added on Website Settings to allow merchants to request that affiliates provide their Paypal email address during signup. View guide on customizing your affiliate website.
  • Allow affiliates to edit their account email: In Website Settings you can now allow affiliates to edit their affiliate email.
  • Add notes to manual commissions: Add a note when creating a manual commission for an affiliate.

Affiliate Types / Groups Updates

  • Affiliate Types Update: Affiliate Types have been renamed to Affiliate Groups.
  • Landing pages for specific affiliate groups: Assign specific affiliate groups to landing pages

Affiliate Website Updates

  • Affiliate website analytics: Start tracking visitors of your affiliate website by adding your Google analytics tracking code in website settings.

API Updates

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