What You Need to Know About Social Media Sharing Strategies and Affiliates

Despite having smoothly running media channels, social media content sharing is what constitutes the (somewhat unofficial) mainstream media. From news related content to the latest political developments and the most popular fashion trends, social media has wrapped up all the sectors present within any and every business industry today.

An affiliate program mainly consists of promoting a merchant’s website on these platforms in addition to personal websites. Since everyone is using the social media, the trick to overcome competition lies in how you use it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Facebook Sharing

Facebook today has become slightly overrated, due to the diluteness of the content being shared. With so many things to go through in the newsfeed, your link may get lost amongst the many others being shared. According to a study conducted by BuddyMedia, engagement rates on Facebook are higher during the end of the week, i.e. from Thursday onwards, up to Sunday. Therefore, consider sharing links on these days rather than on a hectic Monday morning!


Studies have shown that Twitter is a platform that one is likely to go through quickly while on a lunch break, or simply sitting with fellow colleagues before meetings, etc. In addition to sharing links over the weekends, also plan your postings in accordance to lunch times, post-meeting times, as opposed to other peak hours. Moreover, make your tweets catchy, casual and within 140 characters!


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. Refrain from being too casual when posting links over here. Design your content in a manner that is professional yet attention-grabbing. Moreover, the best time to post on this platform is during weekdays, before or just after work timings.

Google +

Google + is also a platform where the best time of engagement is seen to be during the weekdays, before noon. Consider using the Timing + tool to analyze the peak times of your target audience in an efficient manner.

At the end of the day, what you need to ensure is that the content shared is interesting, and up to the mark. Prospective customers will instantly disregard any content that they feel is too redundant. In this world of technological advancement, you stand out on the basis of creativity!

Whether you are an entrepreneur running an e store, or simply looking for earning in this manner, it is essential to have a competent management team by your side. We suggest you consider starting this venture with our services at LeadDyno! We provide clients with optimized means that allow efficient tracking of all leads, visitors, customers and payments. Moreover, we also provide an elaborate social media affiliate program guide as well. Feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have and we will be happy to get you started on this ultimate marketing strategy!

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