What Is CPA And How Does It Work?

Looking to boost your marketing results? Cost per action (CPA) is all you need. CPA is a valuable marketing strategy that can enhance your revenue and market presence. It plays an integral role in this age of social media.  Read on to learn more about it:

CPA – An overview

Cost per action, also known as cost per acquisition or cost per conversion is a simple but effective online advertising model.

This model comprises two parties, i.e. the advertiser and the publisher / affiliate. The advertiser pays affiliates for a specific action taken by customers. So, as an affiliate, you will be paid every time someone clicks on your link to perform an action.

This action could be a simple click, sale transaction, sign up for a trial, request for a quote, fill out an online form, or more.

CPA vs. affiliate marketing

The primary difference between CPA and affiliate marketing is in payment. With affiliate marketing, you get paid only when a customer purchases the product or service (after clicking on the affiliated link). Affiliates earn commission on each sale.

On the other hand, you receive payment every time customers click on an affiliate link and complete an action.

Why CPA matters

There are many advantages of CPA over traditional advertising approaches:

Benefits to advertisers

  • Reduces the possibilities of fraudulent activities: CPA keeps fraudsters at bay because filling out forms and surveys is time-consuming.
  • Simplifies budget making: CPA gives advertisers a lot of control when it comes to allotting funds. They can allot amounts to specific actions based on the probability of getting revenues.

Benefits to publishers/affiliates

  • Earn commission without getting prospective customers to buy goods: You can earn substantial returns even when a potential customer clicks on your advertiser’s link.
  • Don’t need to invest time and money in a website:You don’t need a website for advertising. You can lead traffic from social networks to the retailer’s site.

CPA has gained a prominent position in the world of marketing. Sign up today to promote your products and earn substantial returns. If you need the help of affiliate consultants, contact us.

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