Value-Added Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Social Media

Affiliate marketing is ideal for both bloggers and small-scale businesses looking to monetize their websites. Using this tool allows them to take carry out marketing activities for larger organizations and enjoy a slice of the net profits.

All this is far easier than some might think. Social media platforms—that have nearly 3 billion users worldwide today—represent a huge potential to maximize earnings. They are a great way to promote affiliate links, acquire plenty of traffic and thus, boost sales.

That said, one shouldn’t make the mistake of considering affiliate marketing as a way to earn quick money. Value-added strategies are required to harness the true power of social media in your affiliate marketing program and help readers find the right products.

Here are a few things you should know:

Content Is King

How can you expect to direct your visitors to a partner website’s ‘Buy Now’ page when the content on your own website is sub-standard? The quality of your content will determine the level of customer engagement and so, the fate of your entire endeavor.

Instead of unabashedly delivering a sales pitch, use your skills to fully explain to customers how they will benefit from investing in the product or service you are promoting.

As a marketer using social media, you have the luxury to use other forms of advertising like visual messages—think YouTube demos or tutorials, webinars, podcasts or Infographics.

Don’t simply surround your links with sub-headings asking customers to ‘purchase this amazing product now!’ Encourage them to share their thoughts about the items.

Build A Comprehensive Email List

A complete email list is one of your biggest assets. When you regularly communicate with your readers like this, they not only feel recognized but valued.

Social media can be a terrific source to build your email list so that you can establish a direct connection with your subscribers. With a responsive email list, you have the benefit of being able to promote your affiliate products or services without waiting for customers to approach you. To keep customer engagement high offer them customized perks.

Prioritize High Quality Offers

Affiliate marketing via social media is made all the more effective when you promote a quality offer because no party gets the short end of the stick. Readers get an amazing deal on a product they want, you earn a high commission and the company gets a ROI boost.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

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