How to Use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways in which influencers from all industries are attempting to monetize their social influence.

Over the years, Instagram has become one of the most used apps in the world, and is used by influencers and businesses to promote their products and increase their online traffic. The app has around 1 billion monthly active users, with over 500 million using the app every day.

Below we will discuss how you can use Instagram for affiliate marketing:

The processes involved

Instagram affiliate marketing establishes partnerships between influencers and affiliate marketers who promote their products on the influencer’s websites or social media posts. The affiliate marketers earn a commission on each sale made. Such promotions are called Instagram affiliate marketing when they are done on Instagram.

Using hashtags

When posting images of the affiliate products and services, it’s important that you include relevant hashtags or tags. This is because they guarantee increased consumer engagement and likes. Moreover, tagging also allows you to track your products and understand your customer’s experience with them. This can also help you self-evaluate and improve your products (if need be.)

Instagram shout-outs

These are paid promotions on the pages of reputable Instagram influencers. They can either be a screenshot of their Instagram page, or a caption relevant to their product or service.

As an affiliate marketer, you can choose to share the post on the relevant influencers Instagram account and display your affiliate link to a larger audience and future customers.

Incentivize prospects by using coupon codes

It’s no surprise that customers don’t turn down promotions and cheap deals. Instagrammers are not an exception.

Consider offering coupon codes to increase your followers and gain more profits. If you wish to run some exclusive coupons but don’t want to provide a link for them, then use coupon codes that don’t require it.

Instagram holds infinite potential when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Know what your customers want

Make the most out of Instagram affiliate marketing by finding out what the customers want. The interactive poll stickers on Instagram allow you to collect feedback on all your promoted products and understand what the audience really wants in your product or service.

This will effectively also help you fine-tune your affiliate marketing game based on the results of the online poll!

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