Tweak & Tweet: Using Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

Twitter has a user base of 326 million monthly active accounts, making it one of the most popular social media channels after the likes of Facebook and YouTube.

And while other social media sites might be saturated with affiliate marketing programs, a lot of marketers shy away from Twitter because of its limited word count. This leaves an untapped market that’s for the taking, if amateur affiliate programs and affiliates want to take advantage of it.

While launching an affiliate program, you need to analyze and work around digital marketing rules. These rules or trends do not, however, mean that you can’t explore new avenues—like using Twitter—to expand your affiliate marketing strategies.

The following are some ways to grow on Twitter as an affiliate marketer or merchant:

The Basics of Using Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer

Twitter has a lot of benefits for affiliate marketers once you learn how to use it. Your goal on Twitter should be to increase brand awareness by talking about the company in ways that will appeal to customers—which means that you’ll have to make your campaigns customer-focused, not company focused.

Attractive marketing campaigns give you leads which can turn into long-term customers. They also help you n develop long-lasting relationships with audiences and build loyalty and reliability with regard to products and services.

Build a Personality—Not a Company

This is especially true if you’re running an affiliate marketing blog on Twitter. Only talking about the companies that you are a part of will leave no personal touch to your blog.

It will also make people believe that your interest in the industry—or in blogging—is purely materialistic.

Being open about your interests and hobbies and sharing personal anecdotes makes readers feel closer to you.

This will make them trust you when you promote a service or a product.

Be Concise—Leave an Impact

Twitter has a character limit of 280 characters—yes, not words, characters! To make an impact, you need to be concise, crisp, and honest.

Here at LeadDyno, we understand how difficult it is to launch an affiliate program, especially on uncharted territory like Twitter. We offer our affiliate tracking software to help you efficiently manage your affiliate marketing program. Get in touch with us today!

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