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The fashion industry is getting extremely competitive. Boutiques and retailers are seeking out the best ways to market their products. And lucky for you, affiliate and influencer marketing is one of their favorite routes to go down. So with that plus note, we have compiled a few of our personal favorite boutique affiliate programs.

We have made our selection based on trending styles and the popularity of the products. So you may find that one of these affiliate programs only offers a rather tiny commission rate. But the interest and demand for their trendy products are there. So your promotional efforts will definitely not lead to a dead-end road.

Here is our recommendation for this year’s online boutiques that have an affiliate program.

Boutique Affiliate Programs with Top Trending Products

Just a quick side note before we unveil the latest boutique affiliate programs.

If you aren’t familiar with our affiliate program guides – they’re actually really simple and straight to the point.

We provide you with:

  • the merchant’s name and website address.
  • a brief description of the products you’d be expected to promote.
  • the affiliate commission you would earn from sales.
  • an affiliate signup link.

I understand how tempting it can be to just sign up for every affiliate program that you can. But remember, you are going to have to invest your precious hours into promoting products for these guys. So make sure you thoroughly research your prospective brand partners and their product catalog.

Be prepared for what you are getting yourself into and most importantly, find a partnership that allows you to promote products that you truly care about. That way, you’ll find it easier when it comes to marketing the gear to your followers and customers.

Now how about we take a look at these boutique affiliate programs that you can potentially register with today.

Bluejay Baby Boutique [25% Commission]

Cute Baby Boys Top, Pants and HatIs it too early to start getting into the Christmas festive season? Well, retail stores seem to think so.

As a consumer, I’ve been out to the shops hoping to come across Christmas decorations. It’s that time of year when I expect to see shops begin to release their Christmas merchandise.

Fair enough, I probably won’t buy anything until a week before Christmas. But the spirit is already beginning to build up.

In turns out that people who get hyped about the festivities early are actually happier.

If you too already have the early festive bug running through your veins, then these guys have the perfect Chrismas products to fuel your needs.

Bluejay Baby Boutique stock an adorable range of baby’s wardrobe specially designed for a very merry Christmas.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote these baby Christmas outfits. Spread your early holiday joy with your parent followers.

Help them to find that cute red and white HO HO HO costume.

If you’re a parent blogger or social media influencer, then you’ll have no trouble selling these to your followers.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Blujay Baby Boutique

Creole Couture Boutique [2% Commission]

African Design Swimwear | Affiliate ProgramIf you’ve never heard of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival, then you most certainly should check it out. It is such a vibrant and inspiring festival.

Hey, if you’re planning a trip in January 2020 but haven’t decided on a destination – maybe that’s a vacation to consider.

African fashion trending big time! With their stunningly bright designs and unique patterns – their outfits are definitely head-turners.

A great place to source these awesome clothing styles is at Creole Couture Boutique. Their style is a blend of African, French, and Boho-Chic.

Expect to be allured by an enchanting range of apparel ranging from fashionable headwraps to seductive monokinis.

If you’ve fallen in love with these spectacular designs, then I’m sure you will be able to passionately pitch these products to your audience.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Creole Couture Boutique

Enchanted Sisters Boutique [10% Commission]

Enchanted Sisters Boutique | Affiliate ProgramA few people accuse me of being dramatic. I just think my life is a little spicy. Being dramatic can be fun, you know.

This is why I love Enchanted Sisters Boutique.

Here is a site where you’ll find fun lifestyle products. Like the dramatic “I like big mugs and I can not lie” coffee mug.

Being dramatic cannot get more dramatic than this mug. Every office needs that guy or girl with this mug.

Priceless reactions.

Get other fun products like inflatable snow tubes, beverage boats and more.

If you’re already imagining exactly how you would market these products on your website, then you’ll be the perfect affiliate partner for these guys.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Enchanted Sisters Boutique

GT Hair Boutique [15% Commission]

Gorgeous Blonde Wig by GT Hair BoutiqueI love the convenience that hair extensions give a woman.

No need to spend a lifetime trying to grow your dream hair out or risk hair color experiments.

Hair extensions save you the hassle and certainly make you look like a queen.

If you’re looking for convenience, GT Hair Boutique is the store to shop.

Get sew in, tape in and clip in hair extensions in gorgeous colors: from platinum blonde, dirty blonde to warm chestnut brown.

We don’t all have the flair for hair. But if you think you know what it takes to become a great product promoter for these guys, then you are the affiliate material they are looking for.

Apply here to become an affiliate of GT Hair Boutique

Find Other Boutique Affiliate Programs

So you’ve now wet your lips with a sample of affiliate programs offered by a few online boutiques. But now you’re thirsty for more!

Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Head on over to our affiliate networking website where you can browse our massive directory of merchants. Then when you find a program that you love – simply sign up to the partnership program.

It really is as quick and simple as it sounds!

But if you’re stuck getting to work. Perhaps you’re in between meetings. Or you’re just taking a short lunch break and you want some inspiring content to consume – then check out these other related affiliate program guides.

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