Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs

Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs

It feels like, every time we blink, another health product appears in the market. That is, of course, a good thing. After all, we do want to live long and healthy lives. So to support a healthy lifestyle, we have compiled our own list of the top 10 health affiliate programs.

Here’s a quick glance at the products you will be able to promote:

  1. Dry Mouth Products (15% Commish)
  2. Water Filters (25% Commish)
  3. Smart Pill Bottle (20% Commish)
  4. Raw Cleansing Juice (10% Commish)
  5. Nutritious Hemp Seed Food (20% Commish)
  6. High Oleic Sunflower Oil (10% Commish)
  7. Natural Joint Aid (20% Commish)
  8. Hemp Extracts Products (15% Commish)
  9. Music to Rock Your Mindset (50% Commish)
  10. Superfoods for Women’s Health (20% Commish)

LeadDyno’s Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs

1) Dry Mouth Products [15% Commission]

Oral7 - Dry Mouth Products | Good Health

Unfortunately, there are some health conditions that you don’t know exist until you become a victim.

Like who knows about dry mouth until that fateful day comes where you find yourself googling “why is my mouth so dry”.

So apparently it’s a condition that affects one in four people and it sucks if you are that one.

The world does not need to end thanks to Oral7.

Get enzyme solution mouthwash, mouth gel and toothpaste to treat dry mouth and get your mouth nice and sloppy again – phew.

And for the affiliates, we kick off the top 10 health affiliate programs with a commission offering of 15% on sales. So get started now by becoming an affiliate of Oral7.

2) Water Filters [25% Commission]

Epic Water Filters | Blue PitcherHow safe is your drinking water?

Well, when you can get amazing filters from Epic Water Filters that remove chemicals, pesticides, trace pharmaceuticals, parasites, and heavy metals – these features pretty much exposes all the things that could go wrong with your drinking water.

You better be safe than sorry and purify your water.

You can get filter pitchers, filter bottles and home filtration systems all from Epic Water Filters.

Affiliates earn a commission of 25% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Epic Water Filters.

3) Smart Pill Bottle [20% Commission]

The Smart Pill Bottle | Health Affiliate ProgramsMy excitement levels are quite high at the moment. It really does feel totally awesome to live in 2018 – when cool things like technology make simple pains in our lives much better.

Pillsy is one of those cool technologies that help people who are useless at remembering their pills.

This smart pill bottle works with an app that will track your intake, send you reminders, alert you when you overdose and let you know when your pill supply is getting low.

And there are so many other cool features – you must check it out!

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Pillsy.

4) Raw Cleansing Juice [10% Commission]

Juice From The Raw | Best Health Affiliate ProgramsYeah, I’ve heard about juice cleanses – who hasn’t? But if you’re anything like me then you’re lazy – or you “don’t have the time” if you prefer not to make yourself sound “lazy”.

Whatever floats your boat.

Now, if you have better things to do than getting your hands dirty trying to make your own vegetable juices, then Juice From The Raw is here to save the day.

Get the conveniently packed 3-day-cleanse supplies and all you really need to do is just follow through the cleanse.

No excuses to get yourself back into good health.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Juice From The Raw.

5) Nutritious Hemp Seed Food [20% Commission]

Nutritious Hemp Seed Food | L&J Enterprises

We cannot talk about health without a hemp seed shout out.

In the spirit of the cannabis craze and all its health goodness, L&J Enterprises offers a range of delicious gluten-free and nutrient-high hemp seed food products.

It’s full of good stuff like high protein and antioxidants – healthy and natural.

Various products are available – from bodybuilding, paleo to gluten free.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of L&J Enterprises.

As we have reached the half-way point for our list of the top 10 health affiliate programs, we would like to remind you to check out our e-commerce affiliate network. You will be able to browse through not only health programs, but over 20 other affiliate categories too.

6) High Oleic Sunflower Oil [10% Commission]

The more health posts I randomly stumble upon on social media, the more I realize that we are consuming a whole lot of junk every day in just the simple everyday items. And it feels like we are gambling our health away.

2018 is the year to take control of your health and one great start is by replacing your unhealthy cooking oils with high oleic sunflower oils from Sunvella.

Oleic what?

Oleic acid promotes the good cholesterol that our body needs. This oil is 100% natural, non-GMO, cholesterol free and has no trans fat.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Sunvella.

7) Natural Joint Aid [20% Commission]

Joint Aid | Top 10 Health Affiliate ProgramsI love how being healthy in your 20s takes little effort and on the most part comes naturally for most.

The moment you hit your 30s, being healthy actually takes effort because sudden aches and pains remind you that you are not getting any younger.

Don’t stress, there is good news.

Joint Aid from Whole Life Herbs will help relieve pain and will support your joints to good health.

Joint Aid is a 100% natural supplement for joint related issues such as arthritis, gout, and osteoporosis.

Live better naturally and feel the amazing results.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Whole Life Herbs.

8) Hemp Extracts Products [15% Commission]

Cannabidiol Oil ProductsHemp extract products are the latest health and wellness fad.

Are you looking to experience amazing health benefits but you’re not keen on getting high on cannabis?

Enliven Essentials has used hemp extracts to formulate various products such as chocolate, healing cream, relief balm, and even pet snacks.

All the products carry the benefits of hemp extracts: relief from seizures, pain, anxiety, depression and so much more.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Enliven Essentials.

9) Music to Rock Your Mindset [50% Commission]

Music to Rock Your Mindset

I really believe that if you’re not happy about your life then it’s time to do something different. You honestly can’t live the same year 57 times and call that a life.

If you’re looking to take small steps to change your life that isn’t going to overwhelm you, music by Rock Your Mindset will help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

It will help illuminate limiting self-beliefs and begin to create new ones that will begin to change your life.

This music will keep your subconscious mind engaged and this year could be the year that you see a change in your life.

These guys even offer the highest commission of our top 10 health affiliate programs. So apply now to become an affiliate of Rock Your Mind and start earning 50% on sales.

10) Superfoods for Women’s Health [20% Commission]

SuperFoods for Women | Kulture

Hormones out of whack, gut issues, digestive issues, sleep problems, menopause and all the joys that come with being a woman.


Stop being comfortable in discomfort and start helping your body balance itself out so that it can start performing at it’s best.

Start relieving some of the common pains women experience and balance your hormones with boosting superfoods from Kulture.

Affiliates, if you want to earn a commission of 20% on sales, then apply here to become an affiliate of Kulture.

There you have it!

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