Text Message Affiliate Marketing? It’s Here

Affiliate Dashboard app for mobile

Your affiliates and influencers can now share their links via text messages! And it’s especially easy with our Affiliate Dashboard mobile app. Here are the details…

Text Message Affiliate Marketing with One-Click

Our Text sharing shortcut is now available on affiliate dashboards when accessed from mobile devices (via our mobile app or the phone’s web browser). Affiliates can simply click the button to share their link with a text message (just as they would any other social sharing button.)

That’ll pull up the phone’s text messaging app. It’ll kickoff a new message, with the affiliate’s link already in the body of the new message. It’s text sharing made easy!

Affiliate Dashboard Apps for Android and iPhone

There are two ways your affiliates can access your dashboard from their mobile device:

I like the convenience of the mobile app myself. To access it, I just tap the Affiliates icon on my phone:

text message affiliate marketing

That gives me the shortcut to access the dashboard itself directly from my phone. So that I can share my affiliate link via text message, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to our new text message affiliate marketing feature, we have more new items to announce. Here’s a quick rundown.

And 5 New LeadDyno Features

1 – More details for affiliates about their purchases.

You can now enable “Show Commission Details” on this page to show more details about the purchases that are driving commissions:

2 – More characters for affiliate terms of service.

We initially had a character limit – not anymore. Take as much space as you’d like when outlining terms of service for your affiliates to opt into.

3 – Date range for affiliate analytics.

We continue to cater to your partners who send serious traffic by letting them break down their referral stats and sources.

4 – Let affiliates see names of their downlines.

A big request from the multi-level affiliate marketing folks – we now let affiliates in multi-level setups see the names of their downline affiliates.

5 – AWeber integration for affiliate newsletters.

And our integration with AWeber is now live. This platform joins HubSpot as another partner option for sending affiliate newsletters (in addition to the built-in email tool we have within LeadDyno itself).

Have an affiliate marketing feature you’d like to see next? Give us a ring and let us know!

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