The answer to marketing your start up business on a small budget

I’ve been looking for something like LeadDyno for a while now. I own a clothing brand and we work with many affiliates. Previously we had to do everything manually. Every time someone contacted us wanting to join the scheme or to check to see if they’d had any orders we had to check for them. This took a huge amount time which could have been spend driving sales instead of spending time with individuals who weren’t getting much traffic or sales to the website. LeadDyno lets you automate all of this and it allows other people to do the hard work of driving traffic to your website whilst you can sit back and watch the orders flow in.

We’ve not been using LeadDyno for long, but we have already begun to see the results this application can create! As a small business this is a very cost effective form of promotion and I highly recommend trying the free trial! You only pay commission to affiliates when they generate orders instead of conventional promotion where you have to spend money in the hope of gaining sales. It also increases your rankings in google because so many people are talking about your website!