Best of the current options

I tested out 3 affiliate software programs which integrate with Bigcommerce and LeadDyno is by far the easiest to set up with the most intuitive dashboard design.

First of all, I didn’t have to go through hoops just to try out the free trial version and “validate my subscription” via telephone. Next, the process of setting up the app so that it can track sales from Bigcommerce is easy and literally takes one click.

Once in, the Dashboard looks great and is not can set up the basics really quickly such as: add banners, and other content marketing material you wish your affiliates to use, terms & conditions etc… Also, when I had a question, the response was within a few hours via email, from the Founder.

Social media shortcuts are already there as well as the most important feature you want to give your affiliates i.e. the ability to link to specific pages on your website (not just the home page).

I use LeadDyno for my online furniture business and as an ex-affiliate marketer, I can safely say this is the best of the 3 options currently available.