Awesome potential!

I am into about 48 hours of setup (mostly creating banner content) since the rest was SOOOO simple. We have lots of needs for wholesale and retail customers. We started looking at offering our Dog rescue groups a way to make money off of the over 50,000 items that we make and have for sale on our site Now the wheels are turning AND by thinking out of the box are pushing the envelope of marketing our buisiness in multiple ways. The visitor logs in the dashboard show where traffic is coming from and where they go on the site (very simplistic and so insightful). This has created extra work since…. people are searching in ways that we never addressed. The visitor tracking insight through the dashboard is worth spending some time on…. and you get so much more! Great tech support from Adam while I was online setting up and dreaming up new features that I want. I am not a review writer but, this was a must! Great job! Looking forward to a long profitable relationship!