LeadDyno Feature Guide: Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

20 Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking for products to promote so you can monetize your influencer platform, then you’re reading the right article. Whether you have a blog, YouTube channel or perhaps an Instagram account, there’s some great gear waiting for your marketing expertise. These companies that have affiliate programs have been selected based on trends and commission rates.

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2019 Online Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Guide

35 Online Affiliate Programs – 7 Affiliate Categories

Today we have a special treat lined up for you. We managed to persuade our enthusiastic team of LeadDyno researchers to gather for you a bundle of the latest online affiliate programs. And from the collection of programs, we then picked 5 of the best affiliate programs from 7 different categories.

Giving you a handsome guide to 35 of our most recommended online affiliate programs in 2019.

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Top Affiliate Marketing Programs | LeadDyno Guide

26 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs Of 2019

In this weeks LeadDyno affiliate guide, we have conjured up 26 of the latest and most top affiliate marketing programs recommended by us. We have divided the program list into 6 separate categories:

  1. Hair
  2. Beauty
  3. Health
  4. Technology
  5. Arts & Crafts
  6. Recreation

As always, we will give you a brief description of the products that you will be promoting should you decide to sign up to each merchants affiliate program. But if you still require further info regarding specific products or want to learn more about the merchant – their official website links are included in the description.

Furthermore, if a certain affiliate program catches your eyes and you want to register as an affiliate immediately – application links are also provided.

Now let’s take a look at this years 26 top affiliate marketing programs that we have specially selected for you.

2019 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

We welcome you to explore each of these top affiliate marketing programs within the 6 niches mentioned below. However, if you wish to jump straight to a particular niche, then the links provided will land you directly on the appropriate section.

Here are the six different affiliate program niches that we will be covering today:

  1. Hair Affiliate Programs
  2. Beauty Affiliate Programs
  3. Health Affiliate Programs
  4. Tech Affiliate Program
  5. Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs
  6. Recreation Affiliate Programs

Now let’s delve right into the first collection of our top affiliate marketing programs…

1. Top Hair Affiliate Programs

We have selected 3 merchants in the hair industry that you can start promoting products for today. Pretty much all products related to self-care will always sell really well. So if you are keen to start making some decent money, then this is definitely one of those top affiliate marketing programs to consider.

Here are the affiliate products you will be promoting:

  • World’s Luxurious Hair Styling Tools (30% Commish)
  • Men’s Natural Hair Styling Products (10% Commish)
  • Affordable Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair (10% Commish)

And now we will brief you on each of them.

World’s Luxurious Hair Styling Tools for 35% Commission

Luxurious Hair Styling Tool

Like a woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, every woman needs the ultimate hair straightener in her lifetime. Your cheap twenty dollar straighteners just won’t do your hair justice.

This holiday is the perfect excuse to upgrade to the most luxurious hair styling tools in the world from Golden Curl.

Their superior quality hair straighteners and curlers will transform your hair into the perfect do without any damage.

The results are worth every dollar. All styling tools come with a 5-year warranty.

If you want to become affiliated with Golden Curl and earn a stylish commission of 35% on sales, then apply here to get started.

Men’s Natural Hair Styling Products for 10% Commission

Natural Hair Products for Men | Top Affiliate Marketing ProgramsGuys, it’s time to slick up your style this season with Carter Supply Company. Groom your hair in place with simplified products to give you desirable matte or high shine finishes.

These hair grooming products are made with natural ingredients to protect your hair while styling it.

No fuss – rub a bit of product between your hands, work it into your hair and style as you wish.

Your polished look will no doubt go unnoticed.

Think you have what it takes to promote these styling products and earn a commission of 10% on each sale? Then apply now to become an affiliate of Carter Supply Company.

Affordable Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair for 10% Commission

Gorgeous Beautiful Affordable Hair

Looking gorgeous this festive season doesn’t have to break your bank thanks to Mula Hair. Get beautiful unprocessed virgin human hair at impressively affordable prices.

From hair bundles, weaves, frontals, and closures. Get a stunning straight hair weave from only $23!

That’s how great the prices are. Let the glory of your hair radiate at every event, date or night out this holiday.

Do you want to become an affiliate partner of Mula Hair? Then sign up immediately so you can start earning 10% on every sale that you make.

Want to browse even more hair affiliate programs? Then CLICK HERE for access to 30+ MORE!

Great start to this list of top affiliate marketing programs, right? Well, let’s delve into the next affiliate niche – one that is closely related to the hair niche – the beauty niche.

2. Top Beauty Affiliate Programs

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The good thing for affiliate marketers is that you will always have someone who finds your products beautiful! Below are 4 products waiting for you to promote on your website.

  • Glow with Devine Highlighters (40% Commish)
  • Organic Makeup and Body Care Products (15% Commish)
  • Oxygen Cleanser ($10 Commish)
  • Vibrating Flat Iron (20% Commish)

If you want to learn more about these products, then keep on reading.

Glow with Divine Highlighters for 40% Commission

O.TWO.O | Highlighter Sticks | Makeup ProductsIf there’s any time to put your glam on and make your face glow it’s over the holidays. With the best highlighters, you can put your glow on with Divine Glow.

Get your Bronzing Highlighter Glow Kit from $20 or if you like to keep things quick and easy then you’ll find the Highlighter Sticks quite handy – from only $9.99.

These would also make good stocking stuffers.

Everyone needs a bit of glow in their lives – with free shipping on orders over $40, why not?

Affiliates earn a whopping commission of 40% on each sale! So hurry up and apply now to become an affiliate of Divine Glow.

Organic Makeup and Body Care Products for 15% Commission

Makeup & Body Care ProductsIt’s amazing what a difference using organic cosmetics can make. I recommend that every woman should give their skincare a makeover with organic products to see the results and experience the benefits.

For pure, simple and organic makeup and body care products, click on over to Olga’s Organics.

From body butter, body polish, lip tints, mineral blushes, eyeshadows, face powers and more.

Your skin will be happier and healthier.

If you want to make some organic money, then register as an affiliate of Olga’s Organics, so you can start promoting their products and earning your 15% cut for each sale.

Oxygen Cleanser for $10 Commission

O2 Clean Good | pearl♡sophyNeed an excuse to try a new skincare product? Well, a new year is fast approaching so why not try a new cleanser?

New year, new cleanser, new face – seems like reasonable justification, don’t you think so?

Well, it’s good enough.

Remove makeup, cleanse face and tone – there is nothing exciting about this routine at all.

Thank goodness because now you can simplify your skincare with the o2 Oxygen Bubble Super Cleanser from Pearlosophy USA for $29.

This is a deep cleansing product that will remove all dirt from your face without drying it out.

It is gentle and works on sensitive skin types. You’ll enjoy many of its great benefits like tightened pores and hydrated skin.

These cleansers may help your skin breathe better, but the 10 bucks affiliate commission per sale will definitely help relieve your financial strains. So go ahead and apply now to become affiliated with Pearlosophy USA.

Vibrating Flat Iron for 20% Commission

Vibrating Flat Iron - Hair StraightenersI’m sure many women would agree that finding the perfect flat iron for your hair is a struggle. All a woman needs is beautiful silky straight hair without damaging it in the process – is that too much to ask for?

Ladies, your wish is granted.

GMJ Beauty has created a digital vibration flat iron that realigns damaged hair and seals raised hair cuticles while making your hair smooth and shiny.

The vibrating plates mean that your hair is safe from heat damage.

If you need to straighten out your finances, then fill in the affiliate application form and start promoting products for GMJ Beauty.

Was that not enough to satisfy your hunger? Then CLICK HERE to be taken to our directory with 115+ more beauty affiliate programs!

Now for our top affiliate marketing programs listing, we move away from the vanity side of affiliate niches. And focus more on the healthier side of affiliate marketing.

3. Top Health Affiliate Programs

It would not be top affiliate marketing programs listing without a few entries from the health industry. Whether it’s products for recovery, healing or even to increase fitness, the health niche can be very lucrative.

We have shared with you 5 of the best health affiliate programs:

  • Workout Enhancers (15-25% Commish)
  • Meditation Products (15-50% Commish)
  • Organic Body Care Products (20% Commish)
  • Stem Cell Therapy ($260 Commish)
  • Cannabis Therapy Products (10% Commish)

Here are further details about the programs:

Workout Enhancers for 15-25% Commission

Workout Enhancers | Health & Fitness BoostersThe toughest task when it comes to health and fitness is starting. Once you get started, momentum is pretty rhythmic. This is great until you hit a plateau.

When it’s time to turn it up a notch, workout enhancers will come to your rescue. Kewlioo will gear you up with sauna suits and other fitness apparel.

Sauna suits help accelerate fat burning and will give you that much-needed health and fitness boost.

Achieve your desired results faster.

How about promoting these workout enhancers to supplement your income? Simply apply here to become an affiliate of Kewlioo and then promote their goods to earn a 15-25% cut.

Meditation Products for 15-50% Commission

"Am I Dreaming" Meditative Bracelet | Healing ProductsA healthier you starts with a healthier mind. One way is through dream awareness which can improve your mental and physical health.

If you would like to explore this area of your health further, click on over to Josoubi for meditation products that will help you live more mindfully through dreaming.

You will learn more about lucid dreaming and the tools you can use to awaken it in your life.

Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission on sales! So if this excites you, then apply here to become an affiliate of Josoubi and begin your affiliate marketing journey.

Organic Body Care Products for 20% Commission

Body care products by Nico's OrganicsA new year is a perfect opportunity to try something new. How about going natural with your body care? Hmm, is it as effective as the commercial products on the market?

Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to experience the results of going natural.

Nico’s Organics provides you with pure and simple organic products for your body.

Body balms, roll-ons, bath salts, teeth brightening and sugar lip scrubs for soft and kissable lips are some of the products you’ll get from Nico’s Organics.

If you are an affiliate partner of Nico’s Organics, then the 20% commission on each sale will surely take care of your bank account. To get started, simply complete the quick affiliate application and you will be on your way!

Stem Cell Therapy for $260 Commission

Stem Cell Global | Top Affiliate ProgramsStem cell therapy has created a revolution in the health industry. If you don’t know much, here’s some crash info.

Stem cells have the ability to transform into different cells as the body needs and in particular are able to replenish damaged cells in the case of sickness.

Yeah, it’s quite remarkable.

Explore stem cell therapy for various chronic illnesses at Stem Cell Global.

Various products made with precious stem cells are available to aid in cell rejuvenation and immune system strengthening.

Stem cell therapy is not a cheap procedure, which is why Stem Cell Global is offering $260 per sale to their affiliate partners! So if you want to take advantage of this incredible offer, then apply now to get started.

Cannabis Therapy Products for 10% Commission

Cannabis Therapy Health Products

2018 is the year you should try a cannabis therapy product – only if it is legal in your state of course. It has amazing medical benefits that include common disorders and illnesses.

Get full spectrum tincture cannabis products from United Hemp Refinery – for both you and your pet.

Yeah, your furry friend can also safely enjoy the benefits of cannabis therapy. Products are non-GMO and pesticide free.

This is certainly a “must try” this year.

Cannabis therapy is currently booming, so don’t miss out on the action and apply now to become affiliated with United Hemp Refinery.

Would you like to affiliate with even more health affiliate programs? Then CLICK HERE to browse 110+ more programs!

More of LeadDyno’s Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’ve made it this far in our latest article on the top affiliate marketing programs of 2019, then we must be doing something right! Well, either you haven’t found what you are looking for or you simply want to be “in the know” about every affiliate program out there.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you want to browse a more expansive list of merchant’s affiliate programs, then you can search the ECA affiliate directory.

Now let’s carry on with our top affiliate marketing programs guide.

4. Top Tech Affiliate Programs

We are now living in an age where we are fully dependable on technology. So it would be wrong not to include the tech niche in our guide to the top affiliate marketing programs.

Below is a quick look at the 5 tech affiliate programs that we recommend you try out:

  • Modern Smart Desk Lamp (10% Commish)
  • A lifetime of Free TV Shows ($25 Commish)
  • Marketing Guest WiFi (20% Commish)
  • Smart Quality Gadgets (50% Commish)
  • Cryptocurrency Learning (50% Commish)

And now let’s read about these programs in more detail.

Modern Smart Desk Lamp for 10% Commission

Modern Smart Desk Lamp - LumiChargeAre you a “deskaholic“? You know the type that is obsessed with your desk space – unlike your work-anywhere-like-the-sofa type of counterparts.

Modern fanatics will be obsessed with the smart desk lamp and universal cell phone charger from LumiCharge.

This cool device will charge almost any smartphone as well as display date, time and temperature while lighting up your desk space with a motion sensor – how groovy!

You’ll love this gadget.

Affiliates – you know what they say – product popularity always has a shelf life. So if you want a piece of the 10% commission, then you had better apply quickly to become an affiliate of LumiCharge and start making some sales!

A lifetime of Free TV Shows for $25 Commission

Watch Cable TV for FREE | Top Affiliate Marketing ProgramsFree cable TV – for a lifetime. No monthly subscription costs. Yeah, this is totally legit.

At WizeTV you can stream a lifetime of free TV shows, movies, and music at your convenience.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is legal. You’re not downloading anything but simply streaming media.

All you pay is a once-off software download fee and you’re all set. And the good news is that you can test drive it out for 7 days – absolutely free with no credit card needed.

Free cable for everyone and $25 to you, for every software download you can generate. But first, if you want to earn this easy affiliate commission, then you need to sign up to the WizeTV affiliate program and start marketing their service.

Marketing Guest WiFi for 20% Commission

Gazella | Marketing Guest WiFi

In 2019, as a business, you should be prepared to give more than ever to earn customers. Of course this sounds bazaar but honestly, it is the way the world is working and if you can’t beat it, join it.

Don’t stress though, because thanks to services like Gazella WiFi, they’ll help you achieve your marketing goals.

They will help you turn your guest WiFi into an automated marketing tool where you can grow your marketing lists and social media.

It is certainly a clever way to give value to your audience while increasing your marketing metrics.

It may be tough to wrap the concept around your head at first, but this is a unique niche that will spark a great deal of interest. So we suggest you learn more about the business model, then register as an affiliate partner of Gazella WiFi and start working your sales magic.

Smart Quality Gadgets for up to 50% Commission

Latest Smartphone Mount | Beelat GadgetI love capturing the best moments of my life – in a video. All on my smartphone.

Yeah, my photography gear basically consists of my smartphone – just like most of the world these days. I’m pretty much obsessed with smartphone gadgets that help me create almost professional stuff.

One such gadget is the smartphone stabilizer from Beelat Gadget.

Footage is smooth and stable – the cool cinematic type of stuff. Trust me, you won’t want to capture video without this nifty thing.

Here’s an affiliate commission offer you don’t want to miss out on! If you want to make 50% every sale, then you must apply to become an affiliate partner of Beelat Gadget, where you will then be able to promote their gadgets and make some decent money.

Cryptocurrency Learning for 50% Commission

Learn Crypto Trading | Tech Affiliate ProgramsHeated discussions and debates about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been one of the highlights of the recent month.

Is it a bubble? Or is there really a sustainable investment value?

Want to jump in out of FOLO (“Fear of Losing Out” just in case I lost you there)?

Erm, but what exactly is Bitcoin, how does it work and how can I trade?

If you would like to know more and how to trade then enroll for Crypto Dealer’s upcoming course.

You’ll get started with the knowledge and tools to help you succeed in trading cryptocurrencies.

Here’s another affiliate program that promises a chunky 50% commission on sales. If you don’t want to be left behind, then act quickly by applying here to become an affiliate of Crypto Dealer.

Are you thinking of affiliating with even more top affiliate marketing programs in the tech niche? Then CLICK HERE to explore 60+ more of these great programs!

5. Top Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs

You may not have been expecting to see the arts & crafts niche make an appearance in the top affiliate marketing programs guide. But this is actually a very profitable niche to get into. You could deal with everything from art supplies to art collectibles.

We have summoned up 4 of the top arts and crafts affiliate marketing programs for you to consider:

  • Limited Edition Art (5% Commish)
  • A Galaxy of Stamps (12% Commish)
  • Custom Fabrics (5-8% Commish)
  • Online Art Course for Kids & Teens (25% Commish)

Let’s find out more about these programs:

Limited Edition Art for 5% Commission

Limited Edition Art Pieces | Top Affiliate Marketing ProgramsConnecting to the things you love is a key to living in happiness. After all, what is living if you’re not sparked by things close to your heart?

For some, this could be having Disney art on your walls in your home. If the sound of this makes you happy, click on over to Artova.

You’ll get licensed limited edition branded art at a fraction of the normal retail price.

I’m talking about up to 90% off.

Hey, aspiring affiliate marketer – are you thinking that a 5% commission is not worth your time? Then you haven’t visited their website yet! Many of their art pieces sell for over $3000! So pay them a visit, then come back and apply to become an affiliate partner of Artova.

A Galaxy of Stamps for 12% Commission

Scrapbook Stamps - the Sassy Club | Arts & Crafts

Attention scrapbookers and paper crafters. Your world is about to rock.

Whatever the season, whatever the occasion and whatever the event – you’ll find the coolest stamps to jazz up your creations from The Sassy Club.

You will literally have access to a universe of stamps. I’m not much of a scrapbooker but I would love to stamp a “boo!” speech bubble in my letters.

The Sassy Club is “stamp heaven“.

Here’s a brilliant affiliate opportunity if you are an influencer to parents or children. If you become an affiliate of The Sassy Club, then you earn 12% commission on each sale you make.

Custom Fabrics for 5-8% Commission

Halloween Pumpkin Dress | Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Mermaids. Owls. Tractors. Penguins. Sailor anchors. These printed on fabric equals emoji heart eyes.

Perfect for baby and toddler creations – your little one will look as adorable as these fabric prints from Snowy Owl Fabrics.

Other stunning custom prints for various sewing creations are also available.

These prints are love at first sight, you’ll be excited to begin your next sewing project.

We obviously didn’t pick this affiliate program because of the commission rate, but rather because of the quirkiness of the products. So if you want to impress your following with a range of unique custom printed fabrics, then apply now to become affiliated with Snowy Owl Fabrics.

Online Art Courses for Kids & Teens for 25% Commission

Online Art Courses for Kids & Teens

Hands up if your child or teen spends too much time on some digital device doing unproductive things like playing games, “snapchatting” or watching movies?

Daily struggle, right?

When you do go out of your way to do something with them, any effort is either too boring for them or too expensive for you. Time to up your game without burning your pockets.

Sign them up for an online art course such as Celebrate Summer or Playful Pet Portraits from as little as $30 at Alisha Gratehouse Designs.

Children above 8 years will be kept busy with enough art projects for 2 weeks while learning and having fun with acrylic painting, watercolor painting, palette knife painting, collage art, oil pastels and so much more!

If you think you can muster up some great interest in these art courses, then register as an affiliate of Alisha Gratehouse Designs and start earning a generous commission of 25% per sale.

If you want to find even more arts + crafts programs, then CLICK HERE to browse 25+ more of these creative programs!

The top affiliate marketing programs guide is coming to an end, but first, let’s take a look at the final affiliate niche lined up for you.

6. Top Recreation Affiliate Programs

We are all looking for a way to unwind from our busy lives. That’s why the recreation niche has made it into this week’s top affiliate marketing programs guide. In this field, you will find all sorts of hobby-related products that you can promote.

Here are 5 of the latest recreation affiliate programs for your browsing pleasure:

  • Hammocks for Nomads (30% Commish)
  • Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers (10% Commish)
  • Run-Centric Vacations ($50 Commish)
  • Modern Vaporizers (15% Commish)
  • Unique Outdoor Gear (15% Commish)

Now let’s learn more about what these final top affiliate marketing programs have to offer:

Hammocks for Nomads for 30% Commission

Various Hammock Designs | Nomads Adventure Gear

2019 is the year you quit your nine-to-fiver and spend your days living your dreams – perhaps while swinging in your hammock overlooking an amazing view somewhere.

Hashtag 2019 goals.

To help you live your nomad dreams, get your 11-foot camping hammock from Nomads Adventure Gear. Get all the space you need to snooze solo or snuggle with your person.

It comes with wire gate carabiners – relax, ‘cause you won’t have to deal with sharp edges and tearing your swinging paradise into pieces.

Let’s add another 2019 goal to the list – making a satisfying side income by affiliating with Nomads Adventure Gear. If you want to get your hands on the 30% commission they are offering, then apply here to become an affiliate partner of Nomads Adventure Gear and start promoting their hammocks.

Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers for 10% Commission

Smokers Survival Kit | Top Affiliate Marketing ProgramsSo, a Zombie Apocalypse may or may not happen. Just saying. It’s 2019, so goodness knows what this year is capable of.

If you consider yourself a doomsday prepper and you happen to be a smoker, then you’ll need the Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers.

This kit is guaranteed to save the day. All you’ll need are smokey sticks with the perfect Poker cleaner tool compactly stored in a nifty boxy that fits in your pocket nicely.

Just in case they come. Who knows.

If you think that zombies are as much of a threat as they suspect, then become an affiliate of Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers so you can provide a solution to smokers during the apocalypse!

Run-Centric Vacations for $50 Commission

Running Adventures | Rogue Expeditions

Would you like your fitness goals to take you to your next vacation? Well, if you are a running enthusiast, then your sporty legs may take you to the best sights in the world.

For epic runs around the world, book your next unique travel experience at Rogue Expeditions.

Suitable for all levels of runners, Rogue Expeditions offers run-centric vacations in Morocco, Kenya, Ireland, Slovenia and more.

Who’s in for the next running adventure?

We know that you are definitely here for the affiliate adventure! So straight to the point – if you want to earn a commission of $50 per sale, then apply here to become an affiliate of Rogue Expeditions.

Modern Vaporizers for 15% Commission

Vapes and Accessories for Smokers

Before you light up your next cigarette and puff away, consider a smokeless alternative that is better for your health.

Thanks to modern-day technology, vaporizers were born. Replace smoke with vapor with these modern health-conscious devices.

For a full collection of vaporizers, bongs, pipes and various smoking accessories, visit DopeBoo.

If you’re unsure of what to start with, don’t stress because there are some useful guides available to help you.

Here’s another affiliate program if you are looking to market smoking products. Simply register yourself as an affiliate of DopeBoo to get started.

Unique Outdoor Gear for 15% Commission

Outdoor Inflatable Sofas | Top Affiliate Programs

If you have a passion for outdoor activities, then you’ll love what you find from Eaglesong Supply.

You’ll find unique products at awesome prices from camping and outdoor gear to fishing, beach, surfing, skiing and golfing gear. Like the inflatable hammock for only $39.97 or the lightweight mesh dog backpack for only $24.99.

Oh, my goodness, I’m getting the LED flashlight glove – it’s only $14.99! Who wouldn’t want one of these?

Finally, we have an affiliate program perfect for everyone that loves the outdoors. If you want to promote these awesome outdoor products, then apply here to become affiliated with Eaglesong Supply.

If these affiliate programs have got you excited and you want more, then CLICK HERE to browse 20+ more merchants offering recreational products!

That Was 26 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs of 2019

So, did you find any fun products that you’d like to market on your website? If you did, then why are you still here? Scroll back up to the program of interest and click on the affiliate sign up link provided at the end of the description. Remember, the sooner you become affiliated with one of these merchants – the less affiliate competition you have to deal with. Which pretty much means – you have a better chance of becoming the main marketer of these products.

Let’s recap quickly the parent niches that took part in this week’s top affiliate marketing programs guide:

  1. Hair Affiliate Programs – here we have merchants looking to help them sell their hair products. So if you have a blog, vlog or even a social feed where you talk a lot about hair, then these are products you may wish to consider promoting.
  2. Beauty Affiliate Programs – this is a brilliant opportunity for many influencers who may cover a range of topics in the beauty niche. It could be anything from makeup to general grooming advice.
  3. Health Affiliate Programs – whether you have a blog that promotes healthy eating or a vlog where you share health & wellbeing advice, here are the perfect products to promote to your audience.
  4. Tech Affiliate Programs – here are products that you can market on your website if you are focused on technology. Considering that your readers are interested in tech -these programs are especially relevant to them.
  5. Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs – if you have a platform where you share your art or craft work, then these are ideal programs to sign up with. Promote these products alongside your own masterpieces.
  6. Recreation Affiliate Programs – here you will find a wide range of products, mostly relating to hobbies and pastime activities. So find yourself a recreational program most suited to your influential needs.

That wraps up our latest edition of the top affiliate marketing programs. But you can always check back weekly for more affiliate marketing advice and product guides.

Also, if you missed it, don’t forget to check out the LeadDyno post on the 11 Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing.

Niches That Will Increase Your Profit Margins

11 Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing

We have a great article lined up for you today. There are many of you who are just getting into affiliate marketing and are in search for the most profitable niches out there. Understandably, this list will always change from season to season to accommodate market trends. However, based on our collective analysis of yearly trends – we were able to compile a list of affiliate niches that continue to perform exceptionally well, year after year.

Firstly, for those of you who are scratching your heads – wondering, “what exactly do these LeadDyno guys mean by niches“? Well, let us explain to you briefly what we mean when we talk about an affiliate niche.

What is an affiliate niche?

An affiliate niche is quite simply a product or service that you can offer based on your field of business. For example, if your business revolves around the fashion industry, then ideally, your affiliate niche would focus on fashion-related products, such as clothing.

But what if you haven’t started a business yet? What if you are still in the process of researching and deciding which affiliate marketing business to venture into? Then your best option would be to either follow your passion or to simply listen to the people. What do people want? What sort of products/ services are people looking for?

How would you know what people want?

That’s where market research comes into play. It is important for you to make sure that there is actually a demand for the product niche that you are looking to market. Fair enough – if you came up with a revolutionary product that no one has ever witnessed before – then that’s a whole different ballgame. In that case, you would have to market your latest invention on a whole different level.

However, if you are in the affiliate marketing business – then your mission is to dig out the most profitable niches that will spark plenty of interest, thus leading to increased sales.

What are the 11 Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2018?

Here is the list of the 11 most profitable affiliate niches that you can explore in 2018. If you want to find out more about these niches, just click on the links to jump straight to the specific section of the article. As a BONUS, for each of the niches, we have included an affiliate program that you can register with immediately!

Now let’s take a look at the list:

  1. Beauty
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Hobbies
  4. Outdoor Survival
  5. Pets
  6. Fitness
  7. Fashion
  8. Gadgets
  9. Self-Improvement
  10. Investment
  11. Loans

The above list of niches is in no particular order. These are all great affiliate niches to get acquainted with. So depending on which area of expertise you are strongest, or which category appeals to you the most – you roll with your own personal choice. But when it comes to choosing the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing, then we highly recommend the magnificent eleven that we will share with you today.

1) Beauty

When it comes to talking about the most profitable niches, the beauty sphere is without a doubt always going to be a top contender. We’re talking about everything from makeup to anti-aging creams to even hair products.

And as promised, to kick off the LeadDyno’s most profitable niches guide, we will share with you a brilliant beauty affiliate program.

Flawless Makeup Application (15% Commission)

Beau Gâchis® Cosmetics | Beauty Affiliate Program

Ladies, the festive holiday means it’s time to glam up and feel merry. Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand together.

Thankfully, your makeup can look flawlessly great with Beau Gâchis® Cosmetics. These high-quality makeup brushes and tools will help you look on point always.

Hey, give your face a fresh start this new year – dump your old makeup brushes and treat yourself to a premium new set.

And if you become an affiliate marketer for Beau Gâchis® Cosmetics, then you will earn a commission of 15% on sales. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and start promoting their makeup brushes on your beauty niche website or perhaps even your Instagram account.

If that was not enough, then go have a nosey at our recommendations of the latest beauty products affiliate programs. There are 8 different companies currently accepting affiliate applications.

2) Health & Wellness

We are all in some way or another looking for ways to improve our health and wellbeing. Whether it be to live longer or simply to enjoy life without any health complications. That’s why you can’t really go wrong if you decide to focus your business within the field of healthy living.

Now to give you a rolling start on your venture into the health & wellness niche, we are sharing with you a great health affiliate program. Here you will get to market their popular all-natural health supplements.

100% Natural Supplements (30-40% Commission)

100% Natural Supplements | Health Niche

We live in times where supplements have become part of our daily consumption. Supplements are great, but you’d be better off with keeping it all natural.

Option Biotech will help you fulfill all your natural supplement needs. You can get supplements for digestion, sleep, cellulite, hair loss and even sexual reinvigoration.

These natural supplements are fast acting with visible results. Check out their testimonials for yourself.

If you like the idea of earning between 30-40% in commission for every sale, then you had best get affiliated with Option Biotech and start promoting their supplements to your followers!

If you decide to start a health & wellness space, then you will most definitely want to find more affiliate programs related to this niche. And we know the perfect place where you can get some insider knowledge! Go check out our latest recommendations of health and wellness affiliate programs.

3) Expensive Hobbies

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “most profitable niches“? Surely you’re thinking about products with a high-value price tag, right? So that’s why we have included the category, expensive hobbies in our list, and not just any hobbies in general. These are hobbies that can involve golfing or even flying drones – where the equipment are pretty pricey, and so your take-home commission will make you smile from ear to ear.

So let’s take a look at an affiliate program where you get the opportunity to promote one of these expensive hobby products that we talk about.

Fancy Electric Bike ($100 Commission)

Latest Electric Bike by FlashNeed a little motivation to live a more active lifestyle in 2018? Well, your ambition and laziness can now meet halfway with… Drum roll

An electric bike.

Think of it as assisted exercise – why not? Look, your inactive self is better off with this than nothing at all. So pat yourself on the back when you purchase your fancy electric bike from Flash.

I consider it fancy because it comes with all sorts of cool features never seen before. Fancy stuff that works with your smartphone. Check it out – it’s currently on sale.

Affiliates – you’d be crazy not to take advantage of Flash’s affiliate program! You get 100 bucks for every bike you sell on their behalf! So if you have a great biking or hobby website – then this is the perfect opportunity for you to earn a decent side income. Simply fill in the form with your details to get started!

4) Outdoor Survival

The outdoors is a great escape for most of us who are stuck in the urban lifestyle for most of our days. It is a means of relaxing and getting back to nature. And so you will find that people have an increasing interest in products relating to activities such as camping and hiking. Therefore, we thought it was important outdoor survival as one of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing. As it’s important to remember – if the interest is high – then the products will sell.

Let’s take a look at the affiliate program in the outdoor survival niche that we have prepared for you today. You definitely great potential to do well promoting their products.

Camping Gear (10% Commission)

Fishing & Camping Gear | Outdoor Survival Niche

All the enthusiastic campers have something planned for the holidays. I must admit that being away from civilization is a rather exciting thought.

That’s until you’re actually away from civilization when the batteries for your lantern run flat and your not-so-clever self-didn’t pack extras. All this while your smart camping neighbors make use of solar-powered lanterns and let’s just say that you may or may not feel like a fool.

Please save yourself from a camping crisis and get fully equipped from Survival Camping Pro. You’re welcome.

It is not always about high-end commissions rates when it comes to selecting a profitable niche for affiliate marketing. So don’t go thinking that an affiliate program is not worth your while when you see a low 10% commission offer. Did you know that Amazon’s rates are even lower?? That’s right!

As long as the products are awesome and there is a demand for them – then the money-making opportunity is there! So take our word for it and go apply to become an affiliate of Survival Camping Pro now!

5) Pets

You only have to look at some of the most popular videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to know just how much people love animals. It is difficult to get through the day without coming across at least one cute cat or dog video. And people just love their pets! They treat them like part of the family, and even when it comes to shopping for their pets – they really do know how to spend!

If you fancy promoting cute merchandise for pet dogs, then we have the perfect pets affiliate program for you. So check it out now and see for yourself why pets are one of the most profitable niches you can be a part of.

Cute Dog Merchandise (30% Commission)

Cute Dog Outfits - DogMerch

The excitement of getting a dog is thrilling. I’m pretty convinced it’s as good as bringing a baby home. The preparation game is on.

After all, your furry friend will become a part of the family and you feel the need to make things as comfortable as possible. Beds, toys, clothes, collars, treats, training gear, feeding accessories and more.

Knock yourself with all the things you’ll need for your dog from DogMerch. There’s something for both dogs and their owners – how adorable!

Affiliates – help these guys promote these cute dog products and you can earn a hefty commission of 30% on sales! All it takes is a quick application to join the DogMerch affiliate program, and then it’s up to you to bring in the sales.

If you are looking for more affiliate programs in the pets niche, then perhaps you would be interested to check out our article, 10 Best Dog Products That Dog Bloggers Can Promote.

6) Fitness

The fitness craze is real! The unfit get fit and the fit get fitter! It is incredible how huge the fitness industry has become. And we’re talking about everything from fitness equipment to fitness supplement to fitness apparel. There is even a wide range of niches within the fitness niche! Think about it. There is weight loss, bodybuilding, running, capoeira, and that’s just a few of a seemingly limitless list!

Now let’s get on board with one of the most profitable niches with an affiliate program where you get to promote some supercharged fitness supplements.

Fiery Fitness Supplements (15-30% Commission)

Fiery Fitness Supplements | Most Profitable Niches

You can’t talk about fitness without talking about supplements. If you’re not taking supplements, give them a try and see what a difference they will make in achieving your fitness goals. You know those days when you hit the gym and 5 minutes later you feel like a wreck? So much for your one-hour workout.

Times like that, a pre-workout supplement like RE1GN from Olympus Labs will save you.

It is the perfect synergy of pumps, endurance, focus, and energy. Your body will have a completely new training experience with a little boost of fiery supplements. Go on, you have a lot to gain.

Affiliates – how about supplementing your bank accounts? Register as an affiliate of Olympus Labs and start promoting their fitness supplements to earn yourself 15-30% in commissions.

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a fitness guru? Think you can do well as an affiliate marketer promoting fitness products? Then check out the fitness product guide we created to help fitness influencers make money.

7) Fashion

We are all influenced by fashion in some sort of way. Even for those of us who claim, “I’m not into fashion“. Something or someone must have influenced you to wear what you are wearing right now. Let’s face it – the fashion industry is always going to dominate. We are always going to be teased by the latest and most trending clothing gear and accessories on the market.

So to help you get started with one of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing, we have included a program where you can promote some very trendy sunglasses.

Trending Sunglasses (15% Commission)

Blue shade Sunglasses - 80's Purple21st Century fashion is exciting. Whether you’re an obsessed fashion enthusiast or an unfashionable outcast, you can simply add a splash of style with a trending pair of sunglasses from 80’s Purple and you’ll feel and look fantastic.

They have all the latest trending sunglass styles including aviator, cat eye, optical, round, square and wayfarer.

Check out their sale and get cool sunglasses from only 15 bucks – I don’t think anyone can have too many pairs. Don’t you think?

So affiliate marketers – put on your shades and get busy promoting the 80’s Purple products. But first, get yourself registered on their affiliate program so you can get your affiliate link and start earning a commission of 15% on sales.

Does the fashion affiliate niche sound like your kind of gig? Then you should definitely read the LeadDyno guide on Best Clothing Affiliate Programs To Boost Your Side Income. There you will find only the best of the best when it comes to clothing products that you can promote in 2018.

8) Gadgets

The most popular gadgets at the moment always seem to revolve around the mobile phone. Even though a gadget may be trending today, then gone the following month – another invention always pops up to take its place. Manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to improve current designs or come up with completely new ideas to make our lives that much better.

Knowing all that, we decided to share with you an awesome tech affiliate program that offers you the chance to promote some of the most awesome and hottest gadgets out there. And now you’ll understand why gadgets are one of the most profitable niches you can get involved in.

Hot Tech Gadgets (15% Commission)

Drones by Konsumer Tronix | Gadgets Niche

You don’t need to be a tech junkie to find a gadget that gets you all excited. At Konsumer Tronix, there is a cool gadget for everyone.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level tech product or you are a junkie and you’re looking for some high-end fancy pants levitating products – you’ll find it all at Konsumer Tronix.

From action cameras, Bluetooth speakers, drones, fidget spinners, to hoverboards and so much more. Your holiday will be so much fun with a cool gadget to play with.

Affiliates – get the word out on the streets about these latest must-have gadgets and you could be earning a commission of 15% for every sale that you generate. But before you do that – fill in their short application form to get accepted as an affiliate of Konsumer Tronix.

9) Self-Improvement

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling accomplished through self-improvement. Whether it be through learning a new skill or educating the mind. Thus making this one of the most profitable niches to get involved in. It is especially common to find a great deal of interest in the IT industry. Because let’s face it – computers are pretty much taking over the world.

So to assist those looking to further educate themselves in the field of IT, we have picked out a self-improvement program that offers IT training.

IT Certification Training (5% Commission)

Become IT qualified | Self-improvement niche

Give yourself a head start in the new year by improving your skills in one of the most in-demand industries in the world: IT. And we don’t mean the horror movie by Stephen King, with the scary clown in it. What we’re talking about here is Information Technology.

At Elite IT Computer Training & Certifications, you can attain training in-app training, computer tech, cybersecurity, graphic arts, software development and so much more.

Your career progress is just a course away. Your 2018 will only be what you make it, so start taking the necessary steps towards your IT career goals.

As we mentioned earlier in the article – don’t be fooled by the low commission rate. These IT training programs are pretty pricey, so a 5% commission will actually give you a healthy return on your marketing efforts. So go and give it a try – apply now to become an affiliate of Elite IT Computer Training & Certification.

10) Investment

One of the best-known ways to increase your finances is through investment. This can be anything from property investment to stocks and shares. Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it can be extremely lucrative to promote an investment service because unlike the non-guarantee returns for the investor – you will always have the assurance of earning your share of the commissions.

And to get you started in the investment niche, we have secured for you an affiliate program that requires you to promote a stocks and shares trading system that promises a 50% commission rate!

Trading System (50% Commission)

Blue Line Trading | Investment Niche

Whether you’re an overwhelmed beginner to stock trading or you’re a seasoned pro, you need reliable tools to feed you with accurate information – so you don’t screw things up for yourself.

Sign up for the stock and options trading service from Blue Line Trading System to get access to insightful trade alerts that will aid in your trading activities.

If you’d like to make one trade per week, then you’ll pay $97 per month. Other subscription options are available to suit your trading needs.

Now, as for affiliates of Blue Line Trading System, you earn a mega 50% commission for each signup! So head on over to the affiliate application page to get started.

11) Loans

People are taking out loans at an astonishing rate. Everything from personal loans to student loans to business loans. It has become increasingly easier to obtain loans through banks and other loan organizations. And as such, there are plenty of corporations competing against each other to be the ones putting everyone in debt.

Therefore, you will find a great number of loan affiliate programs popping up looking for your assistance to attract more customers in need of a loan. So our finale to the most profitable niches are programs where the product is high in demand and the customers come from all walks of life.

Now let’s take a look at the affiliate program of the loans niche that we have dug up for you.

Refinance Student Loans ($200 Commission)

Student Loans offered by Purefy

Nothing worse than Debt. The one thing that takes from you all of your financial freedom. You spend the younger years of your life investing in a great education. Hoping that in the future you can have a great career that pays really well. But instead, you find yourself stuck, feeling as though you will be paying off your education debt for the rest of your life.

Is that the way to live? When do you finally get the chance to indulge in your fruits of labor?

The answer is today! With help from Purefy.

How it works –  you refinance your student loan through Purefy at a lower interest rate than your current rate.

So essentially, you are moving your student loans into a single and affordable loan. Thus, saving you a ton of money to start living your life with no worries.

If you manage let’s say, a website that offers financial advice to students, then the Purefy affiliate program is worth checking out. Market their student loans to your audience, and for each referral that you bring to the business, you earn a whopping $200!

Wrapping Up the Guide to 2018’s Most Profitable Niches

That’s our latest guide to help you find the most profitable niches to get involved in with affiliate marketing. By no means do we expect you to delve into all eleven businesses. However, if you are unsure which of these spaces would suit your personality and you’d find most fun to join – then we suggest that you have a go at each of them. Afterall, you will never know your favorite flavor until you have tasted the whole selection of ice creams, right?

That is why we included an affiliate program specific to each of the categories – to allow you to have a taste of each option before making a decision. Even if you already know where your business is heading, we included the latest programs that we know will attract plenty of traffic to your website or even to your social media platform.

Now let’s have a look again at the most profitable niches that we covered today:

  • Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Hobbies
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Pets
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Self-Improvement
  • Investment
  • Loans

If you want to browse the full directory of affiliate products that you can start promoting immediately – then go check out the list – where you will find over 1800 affiliate programs.

PS – Looking for the most profitable influencer niches? Check out Afluencer.com for the best influencer opportunities.

Companies with Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Guide

Companies With Affiliate Programs | Product Listings & How To Join

This week we are going to share with you a list of products from companies with affiliate programs. Along with descriptions of these products, we have included links to guide you on how to join these programs.

Here are the types of companies that we will be sharing with you:

  • Financial Companies
  • Saas Companies
  • Educational Companies
  • Tech Companies
  • Business Companies

If you are new to affiliate marketing and would love to learn more about how it works, then you should have a read of this article that we wrote earlier.

Now let’s dive straight into today’s product listings…

Financial Companies with Affiliate Programs

Financial Literacy Program [20% Commission]

Course: Financial Literacy & Investment Program

If your 2017 had a lot more financial progress to be desired, then it’s time to make the change in 2018. You could continue this year as usual as you did last year or you could do something different.

If the rat race is wearing you out, then you need to join the Financial Literacy & Investment Program from AROV Education.

This course will orientate yourself in financial matters. Learn the basics of finance, investment, and entrepreneurship.

This year could be the year you live your economic ambitions. Why not?

Affiliates earn a generous commission of 20% on sales, so don’t delay – apply now to become an affiliate of AROV Education.

Learn Profitable Trading [$250 Commission]

Learn Profitable Trading Skills with Alpesh PatelDo you feel left behind by the global trading opportunities that you read about?  If you’d like to catch up and start enjoying sweet investments, then Alpesh Patel is here to help you.

He is an award-winning hedge fund manager so you can be sure that he is very legit. He’ll teach you the secrets to profitable trading – things like when to buy and sell as well as how much risk to take.

You’ll also get access to valuable strategies. You really need to sign up for his next program.

If you want to earn an impressive commission of $250 for every signup, then become affiliated with Alpesh Patel now and start promoting his program.

SaaS Companies with Affiliate Programs

Beautiful Online Store Software [200% Commission]

Online Store Software by LemonStand

If you’re a developer, agency or business in need of a refreshing e-commerce platform that will help you create beautiful online stores, LemonStand has this sorted for you. It is highly customizable with integrations with major third-party service providers like Stripe, Paypal, FedEx, Zapier and more.

Subscriptions start at $19 per month. You can signup for a 14-day free trial to give it a test yourself. Hundreds of agencies can vouch for the valuable and reliable LemonStand software.

Affiliates – it isn’t a typo! You do actually earn a commission of 200% of the initial monthly subscription for clients active for 3 months. So apply now to become affiliated with LemonStand and take advantage of their lavish commission rate.

College Decision Maker [10% Commission]

College Decision Maker

As far as your fancy tertiary education goes, the last thing you want to do is enroll in a college that is unsuitable for you. So, to avoid unnecessary disappointments do your ambitious self a favor and book a session with CampusSelect.

You will be able to connect with a student from a listed college and get all the hands-on info you need. Top colleges are listed.

Sounds like the most practical action you can take to help you make your decision.

Apply here to become an affiliate marketer of CampusSelect and start promoting their college service.

Educational Companies with Affiliate Programs

Affordable Alternative Education [$200 Commission]

Affordable Alternative Education

Better job. Increased income. Better life. Right? Yeah, in one way or another, that is the wish for any adult that has monsters called bills to pay.

An improved education may solve your problems – oh wait – but it costs a fortune. I thought so too until I came across College Knowledge Institute.

For a registration fee of only $699, you will have access to over 36 courses for as little as under twenty bucks. There are also four undergraduate certificate level programs available. Quite a bargain of an investment for your future.

Here’s another very impressive commission rate that you don’t want to miss out on. So if you want to earn $200 per registrant, then go ahead and become an affiliate of College Knowledge Institute.

Category Management Skills Programs [$10 Commission]

Category Management Skills Program

Interested in furthering your career in the Consumer Packed Goods industry? Be prepared for this fast-changing industry and get qualified through various category management skills programs from Learning Evolution.

Available programs can pave your career as a Category Analyst, Category Manager as well as a Strategic Advisor.

Learning Evolution skills accredited by the Category Management Association.

Affiliates – if you like the sound of this affiliate program, then register here to become an affiliate of Learning Evolution where you can earn $10 per purchase.

Tech Companies with Affiliate Programs

Cool Smartphone Fan [$2 Commission]

BreezyPhone | Cool Smartphone FanSometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Like you wouldn’t think of having a smartphone fan until you are out in the blistering heat or you’re out on a hike.

Yeah, no one thinks about those things until you’re in the heat of it all and you just wish you had a portable fan.

Thankfully, there are people out there who make these cool things for people like you. Like the BreezyPhone.

This neat little device plugs into your smartphone and blows air of coolness on you. Available in fun colors – you’ll stay cool while you’re out and about.

Sounds like a nifty little gadget that you could easily promote on your website, right? If you think so too, then sign up now to become an affiliate partner of BreezyPhone.

Liquid Glass Smartphone Screen Protection [20% Commission]

Shark Proof Screen Protector

I don’t get it. I don’t get why today’s smartphones are the most expensive fragile everyday devices you could ever buy. It’s not like your latest iPhone 7 will be used for special occasions like that crystal bowl you take out once a year over the holidays.

Imagine using that crystal bowl every day for your toddler’s breakfast cereal? That’s pretty much the situation we are dealing with people – as far as our fancy smartphones are concerned.

For the love of your smartphone, Shark Proof will get it protected with liquid glass that bonds with your smartphone screen – you won’t even know it’s there. You can now protect it and it will still look great!

Affiliates – if you like this product as much as we do and want to earn 20% on sales, then you should become an affiliate of Shark Proof.

Business Companies with Affiliate Programs

Online Industry Magazine [up to 50% Commission]

Modern Social MagazineA new year brings new opportunity for your business. Another chance to win. This is the perfect time to invest in new resources that will add value to your business.

Modern Social Magazine will be such a resource for you. Created for influencers, entrepreneurs and online marketers, subscribe to Modern Social Magazine for $21.99 per year.

Get useful insights, tips, and tools that will help you grow your online presence, brand and online revenue.

Do you like the idea of earning up to 50% commissions on sales? Then you need to apply to become an affiliate of Modern Social Magazine.

Legal Contracts for Professional Photographers [35% Commission]

CreatePro Legal Forms | Companies with Affiliate Programs

If you’re keen on building a solid professional photography business, it is vital to ensure that there are no legal cracks that could cost you a lot of trouble.

Save yourself from drama and create a solid foundation for your photography business by getting all your legal contracts from CreatePro Legal Forms. Get all you need in contract bundles or request customized contracts to best suit your specific needs.

In the new year, you can focus on your skills and be assured that your legal needs are met.

Finally, our last program on today’s list is offering a beautiful commission of 35% on sales. So get started now by applying to become an affiliate of CreatePro Legal Forms.


That wraps up our guide to companies with affiliate programs. Make sure you also check out our guide to Stores With Affiliate Programs.