How to Set Up Your Affiliates for Success on Social Media in 2023

Affiliate Social Media Success

Consumers also increasingly turned to social media, and more than 316 million people were added to global social media platforms within the past years. 2023 saw an increase in the amount of time adults are spending engaging with social media. These two significant shifts make social media represent an even greater opportunity for brands engaging in affiliate marketing. […]

4 Methods to Recruit Affiliates Using Twitter

Recruit Affiliates on Twitter

One of the keys to running a successful affiliate program is recruiting the most effective affiliate marketers. There are many ways you can go about doing this, but a great strategy is to leverage the power of social media. You already know that just about everyone is on social media, and your business probably is, […]

What Is a Creative Inventory, and Does Your Affiliate Program Need One?

Affiliate Creative Inventory

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry that continues to grow in scale. Research shows that affiliate partners account for almost a fifth of all e-commerce orders today — and revenue is expected to keep growing 10% annually.  This success comes from consumers’ trust in affiliate partners, offering brands: Exposure to broader audiences backed by social proof Improved […]