5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up an Affiliate Program Using PayPal

Why Paypal

Starting and growing a small business online requires a unique product, vision, hard work, and regular revenue to support your daily operations. Of course, revenue is the end game for everyone, but the consistent conversion required to generate the revenue stream your business desires is where the secret truly lies. One of the ways to […]

How to pay affiliate commissions

How to Pay affiliates

A good sign that your affiliate program is working is when the number of “Commissions Due” in your LeadDyno dashboard starts growing. Whether you pay affiliates weekly or monthly our goal is to make payout process quick and easy. All payouts are initiated from the Commissions tab in your LeadDyno account. Payout Methods LeadDyno currently offers three methods of […]

Why Merchants Should Consider Paying Their Affiliates Via PayPal Payouts

paypal affiliate payouts

The first rule of affiliate marketing is to make the purchase process as user-friendly as possible. The proliferation of the online retail industry created a ripple-effect in several other related ones, most notably the online payment industry. The following article provides some reasons why you should pay affiliates with Paypal when they need to be […]

Why You Need to Create an Affiliate Program with Paypal

Why paypal

When it comes to safe sales and purchases, PayPal has become the ultimate medium for almost every online venture. This service does not only protect the user’s financial information effectively during online payments, but it is also faster than conventional methods. The following guide provides you a few reasons why you should create an affiliate […]

Best Practices for Operating a Successful PayPal Affiliate Program

So, you have decided to kick off a PayPal Affiliate Program to drive more traffic to your site. Congratulations! Such programs are certainly a great way to boost traffic to any site. There are a few best practices you can follow to ensure you take full advantage of this opportunity. First Step to Successful PayPal […]

How to Build Your PayPal Affiliate System

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Build it and they will come. That’s the cliché, anyway. The more you are able to build your PayPal affiliate system, the more your website and business will grow. However, many website owners find this to be a tough task to manage. PayPal Affiliate System Startup Tips First, note that a well managed PayPal affiliate […]