How to Grow Your Food or Beverage Business with Influencers

food beverage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been holding steady as one of the top ways companies generate more brand awareness and boost sales. Influencers and food companies are no exception, as this type of outreach can be more personal, effective, and engaging. Instagram photos are known for being appealing slices of life, and it’s the perfect format to showcase impressive […]

How to Grow Your Supplement Business With an Affiliate Marketing Program

Grow supplement business with affiliates

The supplement business is no doubt a competitive one. Still, more people than ever are interested in using supplements to support their health. You know what makes your products stand out, but you need a fresh, effective, and affordable way to spread the word. When it comes to choosing a product (especially a health-related one […]

The Best SaaS Affiliate Program Got Even Better

LeadDyno - The Best Saas Affiliate Program 2018

Our own popular affiliate program just got a boost with a new partner-friendly feature. I’ll share the specifics of why we are the best SaaS Affiliate Program with you in a minute. In this update, we’ll discuss the ways we can partner together – such as: Our own affiliate program, which pays generous 20% (recurring!) […]