How To Use Coupons To Grow Your Affiliate Program

how to use coupons to grow your affiliate program

Even though the days of coupon-cutting may be over, many people still depend on deals to save money when they make a purchase. One study from Blackhawk Network showed that 80% of shoppers are willing to go out of their way for a good deal. Coupons are a great way for marketers to generate excitement around their […]

The Difference Between Influencers & Affiliates – 3 Points

Affiliates vs. Influencers

With the expansion of social media, influencer marketing has also grown. People turn to their favorite Instagram and Tiktok content creators for recommendations on their next purchase.  Businesses have also noticed this shift. Today, many brands have influencer marketing campaigns that target different social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube. According to a report released […]

How To Find Affiliates To Grow Your Fashion Brand

affiliates to grow your fashion brand

The fashion industry is massive. According to eMarketer, sales are expected to reach over $437 billion in 2021 and nearly $495 billion by 2023. Although there are plenty of opportunities for fashion brands (such as yourself) to find success, you also face a lot of competition. A solid marketing strategy can help you stand out from […]

How To Boost Product Launches With Affiliates

How To Boost Product Launches With Affiliates Whether you’re a famous brand or an up-and-coming company, launching a new product or service is both exciting and stressful. After all, the potential failure rate is quite high: Up to 95% of 30,000 products launched each year fail.  Your marketing strategy is key to a successful product […]

A Social Proof Crash Course: Why It Works & How To Get It

social proof crash course

Social proof — a psychological phenomenon that you probably have experienced yourself. Robert Cialdini first coined the term in his work “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” Social proof occurs when individuals subconsciously observe the actions of others to determine their own behavior. For example, if you’re trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner, it’s […]

How to Grow Your Fashion Brand Through Influencer Marketing

fashion influencer marketing

Nearly 90% of marketers who have tried influencer marketing say that it was effective for their brand. And even more impressive, fashion makes up 81% of the total influencer market. If you own a fashion brand and are not using this type of marketing, you are missing out on some very profitable opportunities for your […]

How to Grow Your Food or Beverage Business with Influencers

food beverage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been holding steady as one of the top ways companies generate more brand awareness and boost sales. Influencers and food companies are no exception, as this type of outreach can be more personal, effective, and engaging. Instagram photos are known for being appealing slices of life, and it’s the perfect format to showcase impressive […]

The Essential Guide to Micro-Influencers and How They Can Help Grow Your Business


There’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term “influencer.” At its most basic definition, the word refers to a person on social media that has followers. Have you ever scrolled through your feed and come across a celebrity recommending a product? That’s influencer marketing in action. Influencers have a lot of power when […]

How To Grow Your Beauty Brand Using Influencer Marketing

Beauty Brands Affiliate Program

If you’re wondering whether to look into using influencer marketing as part of your affiliate program to grow your beauty brand, consider this: Influencer marketing is projected to be worth over $13 billion in 2021. This is because nearly half of consumers rely on recommendations from their favorite influencers on what to buy.  So now is a better […]

How to Approach Influencers in 3 Easy Steps

So you want to know how to approach influencers. That’s good! Because your influencer marketing affair doesn’t begin until you hook up with an influencer. Listen. Dating and hooking up with influencers pretty much feels like the same thing. Dating comes with its own drama and fears. The fear of rejection. Fear of hooking up […]

How To Find Influencers

Why are your brain cells exploding? Because apparently influencer marketing is a thing and you don’t want to be left behind. Yeah, you may be suffering from FOMO. So you must be wanting to know how to find influencers to market your products, right? Great! We have the answers you are looking for! But hang on…

3 Valuable Slices of Affiliate Marketing Advice (for Free!)

Affiliate Marketing Advice | LeadDyno Guide

How about some summer reading that’s light, educational AND makes you money? Our friends at Live Chat Inc put together The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide. It includes affiliate marketing advice from experts (including yours truly). If this interests you, then you can download your free copy right here: It is a “bull market” in affiliate […]