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7 Home Goods Affiliate Programs

The Internet has an abundance of e-commerce stores pushing all kinds of products for the home. And most of these stores are always looking for ways to get punters through their virtual doors. Thus, many of there store owners have shifted their attention to affiliate marketing. That is great news for all of you aspiring affiliate marketers that plan to venture in the home niche. And even greater news because today’s affiliate guide is all about home goods affiliate programs.

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LeadDyno's Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

8 Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

Here’s another home-related affiliate article for you. We know that you guys are rummaging the internet to strike those home affiliate deals that will get you earning some decent cash this summer. So we have decided to release back-to-back affiliate guides. In this guide, we will be talking about the latest home improvement affiliate programs.

If you missed the 16 Home And Garden Affiliate Programs guide that we released before this, then make sure you check it out after reading this one.

The Latest Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

So let’s take a look at what we have lined up for you today…

  • Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug (15% Commish)
  • Innovative Levitating Home Products ($50 Commish)
  • Home Improvement Products (8% Commish)
  • Home Furniture & Décor (8% Commish)
  • Modern Furniture & Décor (5% Commish)
  • Wine Inspired Home Products (10% Commish)
  • Personalized Home Décor (20% Commish)
  • Cool Home Signs (15% Commish)

Now don’t be scared away by the first product in our home improvement affiliate programs list. Faux pretty much means imitation. So let’s see what this affiliate program has to offer.

Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug (15% Commission)

Faux Fur Sheepskin Rugs

Need to stimulate your senses with a little piece of luxury in your home? A faux fur sheepskin rug from Chesserfeld will instantly transform your space into a warm and comforting space.

This cruelty-free rug will charm your guests with its fabulous charm and luxurious softness. Use it to glam up your bathroom, living room and even baby room. The kids will love it!

For an affordable $29.99, there is no doubt that this rug will be an adored décor piece in your home.

First up for affiliate opportunists is a generous 15% commission on sales. So if you are interested, then apply here to become an affiliate of Chesserfeld.

Innovative Levitating Home Products ($50 Commission)

Levitating Plant Pot | Home Improvement Affiliate ProgramsLet’s talk about how mediocre our lives can get. Our environments are filled with the same old usual stuff – often junk. Do you absolutely LOVE every single piece in your space? Or do you just feel indifferent about most of the stuff? It’s more about quality than quantity.

So, stop accumulating junk!

How about adding inspiring items to your space that will captivate your energies? I’m talking WOW factor stuff here. A levitating light bulb powered by the air. A levitating and rotating zero-gravity growing system that cultivates plants in mid-air.

Truly innovative design by Flyte.

And for all the affiliate marketers – how about earning a hefty commission of $50 on every sale! Definitely deserving to be part of the home improvement affiliate programs guide, right? So be quick – apply here to become an affiliate of Flyte and become the first to start promoting these products.

Home Improvement Products (8% Commission)

Bathroom sinks with cabinets

Improving your home, whether in a minor or major way, is a great way to refresh your environment in the new year. Now, there is a large collection of various home products at Harvey & Haley but I found the most dramatic antique vanity cabinets.

Available in various stunning color finishes, these cabinets will bring a charming touch to your bathroom. This is a must-have luxury for the antique lover.

Even with an affiliate commission rate of 8%, we still consider this a goldmine opportunity because of the wide range of amazing products that you can promote. So don’t hesitate and become an affiliate of Harvey & Haley while they are still accepting applications.

Home Furniture & Décor (8% Commission)

Harvey & Haley | Home Furniture & Decor

Creating a home is creating a life – a life you will be delighted waking up in and going back to every day. Whether living as a couple or a family, that amazing feeling in your home should be felt by every member.

Interestingly, Harvey & Haley came together to create a warm collection of home furniture and décor products that will turn your house into a home.

Creating a home is more meaningful when everyone adds they’re own little touch – Harvey & Haley will help make that happen.

Similar to the previous affiliate program, the 8% commission earnings will quickly add up with the number of products you will be able to sell successfully. So apply now to become an affiliate of Harvey & Haley and start promoting the heck out of their home decor products.

Modern Furniture & Décor (5% Commission)

Modern Design Plant Pots | Home Improvement Affiliate ProgramsThere are two stages of creating your ideal home. The first is getting all the must-haves – you know, the stuff that you cannot practically live without. A decent bed is a start.

Then, there comes a point when you realize that you have filled your space with all the basics and you crave for a burst of personality. Time to add items you’ll love forever. It will be love at first sight for you at Old Bones Co.

Get stunning mid-century modern furniture and décor. These designer pieces will give your space the burst of energy that it needs.

This may be the lowest commission rate of today’s home improvement affiliate programs guide, but these are products that you can shift in high quantities. So register now as an affiliate of Old Bones Co and start earning those bucks!

Wine Inspired Home Products (10% Commission)

Wine Bottle Flower PotsWine lovers, EnoGeeks will make you so happy. They’ll help you live your passion for wine with the most amazing wine inspired home products. How about adding a captivating boat shaped wine cabinet to your home that will be the center of attention when guests come over?

Perhaps you need an enchanting wine bottle light fixture that will energize your space. Or sparkle your outdoor dinner parties with LED wine bottle lamps.

See how amazing these wine inspired products are? Go on and add some wine love to your home.

Do you want to be partnered with EnoGeeks and earn a 10% commission on every sale you make? Then click here now to register as an affiliate marketer.

Personalized Home Décor (20% Commission)

Canvas Art Decor For The Home

Home is where the heart is. The place of love and deepest affection. There is nothing quite like personalized home décor that will create the expression of your heart. So go ahead and warm your home with loving memories, sound wave art and heartfelt scripts on the walls.

At Canvas Vows, you can create your own very special personalized piece from $45. Each piece will add a touch of love to your bedroom, living room or nursery.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Canvas Vows and promote their home decor products so you can start earning 20% commission on each sale.

Cool Home Signs (15% Commission)

Cool Home Signs - Mama's Coop

With adulting comes doing things like buying home décor stuff that you actually find pleasure in doing. Exciting over new bedding, pillows, lighting and other random home stuff only happen when you’re an adult.

So go on and visit Mama’s Coop and experience the happiness of cool quality décor items. Check out their home signs – every home needs a quirky script of love to make the energy at home sparkle every day.

Like a “Lost Socks Seeking Soul Mates” sign will brighten up any laundry room. Don’t you think?

This final affiliate program will earn you a commission of 15% on sales if you are affiliated with Mama’s Coop.

That concludes our guide about the latest home improvement affiliate programs that you can register with today. We aim to always provide you with the best affiliating marketing info and guides, so make sure you check back for our upcoming blog posts.

If you need any assistance becoming an affiliate or if you a merchant interested in starting an affiliate program, then you are always welcome to drop us a message.

Get Paid To Promote Products | LeadDyno Guide

Get Paid To Promote Products: 15 Programs For Affiliate Marketing

Do you manage a blog or maybe you have a popular social media account? And are you also thinking of ways that you could get paid to promote products?

If this sounds like you, then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

When creating this post, we decided to throw in a bit of a mix. We made sure that the programs to help you get paid to promote products were interesting and unique. Therefore, they would attract much attention when you try to sell them to your own followers.

Now let’s dive right into today’s affiliate marketing guide.

15 Affiliate Programs where you Get Paid to Promote Products

Take a look below at the affiliate programs that we will be covering where you can get paid to promote products. If you want to jump straight to a specific section – then click on the program link.

  1. Man Cave Goodies (12.5% Commish)
  2. Customized Gifts (15% Commish)
  3. Smoking Gear & Accessories (10% Commish)
  4. Gifts for Owl Lovers (15% Commish)
  5. Magic Butter ($35 Commish)
  6. Cool Trending Products (15% Commish)
  7. Fab iPhone Cases (10% Commish)
  8. Positive Minded Products (5% Commish)
  9. Mystery Box (10% Commish)
  10. Survival Products (10% Commish)
  11. Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box ($10 Commish)
  12. Promotional Products (7% Commish)
  13. Quality Gifts for Men (10% Commish)
  14. Portable Photography Pan/Tilt Rotator (15% Commish)
  15. Unique Personal & Home Products (15% Commish)

If you don’t have time to go through the whole listing, then you can always bookmark the page and come back later. But until then, let’s take a look at the first affiliate program on the list…

1. Man Cave Goodies for 12.5% Commission

Man Cave Products | Wall Signs

A man cave is not complete without man cave goodies. So, in the name of maculating men in all their man cave glory, Toyz For The Boyz has cool gifts for men and all things man cave bling.

From neon signs to personalized bar signs, you will certainly make the man in your life happy this holiday.

So the first program that helps you get paid to promote products is offering a 12.5% on every sale that you generate. But before you can start promoting these products, you need to register as an affiliate of Toys For The Boyz.

2. Customized Gifts for 15% Commission

Customized Slippers with Personal Name

This holiday, our creative ability is put to test- as far as buying gifts for our loved ones. Let’s admit it, we’re not all gifted with the creativity to get the most meaningful presents. In fact, this is actually a stressful task for many of us.

If you’d like an easy escape from this responsibility, then you need to click on over to Sorta Stuff and check out their custom gifts. Seriously, putting the name of your loved one on simple items such as slippers, mugs and anything really will immediately make it meaningful.

You can also check out their gift baskets and other gift categories too.

Affiliate marketers earn commissions of 15% for every sale. So apply now to join Sorta Stuff’s affiliate program.

3. Smoking Gear & Accessories for 10% Commission

Smoking Products | Vaporizers | Grinders

Smoking enthusiasts can merrily immerse themselves in clouds of satisfying vapor flavor this holiday. Whether you enjoy this pastime alone, or you have friends that will jive to this vibe with you – Smokazon has premium quality smoking gear and accessories for you.

From pen and desktop vaporizers to grinders, you’ll find products to get the best out of your smoking experience. I trust that the smokers will be pretty huffed – oh I mean chuffed.

Want to get paid to promote these smoking products? Then you need to apply here to become an affiliate of Smokazon.

4. Gifts for Owl Lovers for 15% Commission

Owl Themed Gifts | Owl PendantAn owl lover will love you this holiday. Because all you need to do is give them some owl love and they’ll be happy. Yes, you should see how their face lights up when they see anything owl related.

The owl gifts that you’ll find on Owl Love You are as mesmerizing as the bird itself. The perfect gifts for owl lovers.

From jewelry, bags and other merchandise – you’ll find charming owl themed products. Affordable stuff – from under ten bucks.

This love for owls will get you earning 15% commission on sales. So apply here to become an affiliate of Owl Love You.

5. Magical Butter for $35 Commission

MB2e 110v - Includes LoveGlove and PurifyFilterThis holiday, herbal enthusiasts will excite over Magical Butter. Known for the MagicalButter Machine that can grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract for your ultimate herbal recipes.

From herbal butter, oils, tinctures, soups, sauces, skin care products, pet medicines and lots more.

If you want to make a magical $35 commission on every sale that you introduce to the business? Then you should become an affiliate of Magic Butter immediately!

If you want to know more about how you can get paid to promote products and boost your blog income – then go read the latest LeadDyno infographic about affiliate marketing strategies.

6. Cool Trending Products for 15% Commission

Trending Products | Lazy Phone Holder | Rings

From time to time, some of us humans like to look cool – and we like things that make us look cool. Oh, and don’t you just feel so much of awesomeness when you’ve given someone a cool gift? It’s a status thing.

So if you want that coolness factor, then you should get trending products from Zohify.

Get hot stuff like a whimsical Harry Potter antique carved wooden music box, an enchanting dragon luminous ring, a wacky LCD gun alarm clock and more.

Trending products are always a sure thing when it comes to deciding which programs will earn you money. So start making 15% on sales by becoming an affiliate of Zohify.

7. Fab iPhone Cases for 10% Commission

Vibrant and Colorful iPhone Cases

I must admit, I’m not an enthusiastic iPhone case lover that feels a need to get a new phone cover every other month. I pretty much go with whatever will keep my phone protected and live with that forever.

But, that’s until I came across Supply Square. I was completely sold by their cool simplistic range in popping vibrant and pastel colors.

And for those that are cover enthusiasts, you can go all the way with their other collections: fabric, marble, glitter, leather-look, matt – heck, and even fur.

Start earning money by promoting products Supply Square’s products. As a member of their affiliate program, you can make 10% in commission for all sales that come from your promotional efforts.

8. Positive Minded Products for 5% Commission

Positive Minded Products | Promote and EarnHappiness often comes in the little things.  A little bit of positivity in your day will go a long way. DYB | Do Your Best will give you that positivity.

How amazing is an inspiring trinket box with “sparkle & shine”, “you’re a gem” and “be bright, be happy, be you” scripted on?

Treasured prayer box necklaces, script keychains, and inspirational makeup bags are some of the other amazing positive-minded products you’ll find at DYB | Do Your Best.

This affiliate program may be offering the lowest commission rate of the day (a mere 5%), but the uniqueness of the niche means greater interest. So by affiliating with DYB | Do Your Best it is possible to push higher quantities for increased profits.

9. Mystery Box for 10% Commission

Mystery Box | Bamboo Charcoal Tooth PowderIf you like surprises, then the VIP Mystery Box from Whats in the Box? is something for you. It’s only $7. I have no cooking clue as to what you can expect – after all, it is a mystery box. But if surprises don’t rub you the right way, then you can play it safe and shop their range of trending products.

Get stuff like a teeth bleaching kit, charcoal whitening powder, a whitening dental lamp and more.

Check it out and surprise yourself, or not.

The contents of the boxes may be a mystery, but as for affiliate marketers – they will earn commissions of 10% on every sale. To get started, apply here to become an affiliate of Whats in the Box?

10. Survival Products for 10% Commission

Survival Gear by Alpha PreppersImagine the horror of being stranded with no drinking water and no food when exploring in no man’s land. Leave nothing to chance – be equipped to survive with survival gear from Alpha Preppers.

No drinking water? No problem! Because you can get a survival straw water filter that filters out 99.9% of waterborne bacteria from any water source.

No food? No sweat! Catch the meal of the day with their handy survival pen-sized fishing rod that unfolds into a 3-feet long rod.

Oh and an 11-in-1 credit card sized multi-tool will bail you out when you need a knife, can opener, screwdriver, spanner, ruler or even saw.

These survival products will help you, as an affiliate, survive on a steady side income by earning 10% on every sale. Get started now by becoming an affiliate of Alpha Preppers.

Don’t forget – if you’re enjoying this guide – we have so many more affiliate programs that you can register with to get paid to promote products.

11. Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box for $10 Commission

Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box

When the going gets tough, add some inspiration to your life every month with Butterfly Box Boutique. Encouraging women in their Christian faith, Butterfly Box Boutique sends out a box every month full of treasured goodies created around a specific theme or scripture.

Items in the box include books, stationery and thoughtful gifts to uplift you – something you could perhaps share with your loved ones too. Butterfly Box Boutique donates 10% of proceeds to their chosen charity, BEAM Kenya.

Instead of – you get paid to promote products – it’s more like, you get paid to promote sign-ups. All registered affiliates of Butterfly Box Boutique earn 10 bucks for each person they get to subscribe.

12. Promotional Products for 7% Commission

Inspire Trust - Promotional Products

If there’s any way to buy your customers’ love and trust, it’s through giving away promotional products. Imagine the pleasant surprise your customers will experience when you pop in a free gift into their order.

For a wide range of promotional products and solutions, you must check out Product Palace. From clothing, office, tools, electronics and more.

How awesome would your brand name be on a cute MP3 player from only $2.73?

The low prices of products have meant that these guys have had to keep commission rates down too. But everybody loves a good discount, so sign up now to become an affiliate and get your 7% share on each sale.

13. Quality Gifts for Men for 10% Commission

Quality Gifts for Men | Get Paid to Promote ProductsAre you struggling to find the men in your life the perfect gift? A gift that they will actually appreciate. But sadly, socks just won’t cut it.

Take a breather. Because at A Gentleman’s Trove, you’ll get quality gifts for the modern man – unique gifts that will be adored and appreciated. Like the jet-setter kit that has all the essentials for travel.

More gift boxes are available for gear, grooming, man cave and sports. All seem pretty sophisticated looking.

Think you have the perfect medium to promote these gifts for men? Then we suggest that you apply now to become an affiliate of A Gentleman’s Trove.

14. Portable Photography Pan/Tilt Rotator for 15% Commission

Portable Camera Pan/Tilt RotatorTo capture the perfect picture, a photographer kinda has to be an obsessive perfectionist.

Perfect lighting, perfect timing, and the perfect angle.

Any experienced photographer knows just how much equipment goes into “behind the scenes”.

To help simplify things for the photographer on-the-go, Move Shoot Move offers a SiFo Passive Motorized Pan/Tilt Rotator. This nifty compact and portable device will help you capture perfect angle pictures. A must-have in any photography kit.

And for all you photography influencers here’s your chance to make money by promoting something that you love. Once you become an affiliate of Move Shoot Move, you will earn 15% commission everytime you introduce a sale to the business.

Now let’s take a look at the last affiliate program where you can get paid to promote products.

15. Unique Personal & Home Products for 15% Commission

Unique Personal and Home ProductsAdd a little happiness to your life with unique products from Centrix Shop. Whether you need to solve common household annoyances or just create smiles from time-to-time, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover some of the most unusual yet super-cool products from Centrix Shop.

From an electric mosquito killer that you’d never imagine a super cute black cat night light that will create unexpected warmth in any room.

Oh, and every coffee lover needs a mini coffee maker when on-the-go. I feel happy already, don’t you?

As an affiliate, you get to feel happier by applying here to become an affiliate of Centrix Shop. Then promote their products on your website and receive 15% on each sale!

So what did you think? Did you find any affiliate programs that you can join to get paid to promote products? Then let us know about your affiliate marketing successes and be sure to read our previous guide, Highest Commission Affiliate Products to Promote.

And as a final note, be sure to check out more marketing opportunities from these other companies that have affiliate programs.

LeadDyno's Home Decor Affiliate Programs 2018

3 New Inspiring Home Decor Affiliate Programs (up to 10% commish)

We haven’t released a guide specifically covering Home Decor Affiliate Programs for quite a while now. However, a fair few of you have shown interest. And so todays’ guide is specially for you guys!

Here are the 3 most recent affiliate program additions related to home products that you can sign up to and start promoting.

  • Innovative levitating home products ($50 commish)
  • Nordic/Scandinavian lifestyle products (10% commish)
  • Motorized electric blinds (10% commish)

(And don’t forget you can browse 50+ more home affiliate programs right here, too).

Inspiring Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Innovative Levitating Home Products for $50 Commission

Levitating Home Decor Products - Affiliate with Flyte

This is astonishing. But first let’s talk about how bland our lives can get. Our environments are filled with the same old usual stuff – often junk. Sit in your living room and look around. Can you say that you absolutely LOVE every single piece in your space? Or do you just feel indifferent about most of the stuff?

Living in a space that fulfills you is not about quantity, but rather quality – yes I know you’ve heard this millions of times, but hey, it’s true! The truth is that you should love every single item that is in your environment – if you don’t then it shouldn’t qualify to be in it.

How about adding inspiring items to your space that will captivate your energies? I’m talking WOW factor stuff here. A levitating light bulb powered by the air. A levitating and rotating zero-gravity growing system that cultivates plants in mid air. Truly innovative design and mesmerizing inventions for your home by Flyte.

Affiliates earn a commission of $50 on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Flyte.

Nordic/Scandinavian Lifestyle Products for 10% Commission

Nordic Boutique - Products for the home

Do you often feel like you need to getaway for a breather?  Yup, so many often have this need too. But you don’t really need a getaway. What you really need is to make your home your getaway. Your home should be your feel good space. Often, for many, it’s not. Likely because your home does not project the energy that you seek.

If you’re clueless as to where to start, signup for a Nordic/Scandinavian lifestyle subscription box from Heima from only $29 per month. You can choose from a range of styles including Minimalism, Boho, Modern and Surprise Me. Available in small, medium or large.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Heima.

Motorized Electric Blinds for 10% Commission

Electric Blinds by EZWand - Home Decor Affiliate Programs

I love how technology makes our lives easier. Does the idea of automating your home excite you? Being able to control certain elements in your home at the press of a button. You might think that automating your home is complicated and involves expensive investment.

On the contrary, it can actually be quite simple and affordable.

So how about you start automating your blind system in your home with EzWand from only $84.95. Simply replace your current wand with the EzWand, then you can open and close your blinds with a remote control. How cool does that sound? So, go ahead and inspire some technology in your home.

Sounds like a hot buy, right? So why not start promoting it to earn yourself a commission of 10% per sale. Apply here to become an affiliate of EzWand.


If you liked this post about the latest Home Decor Affiliate Programs, then perhaps you could share it. And speaking of sharing content, check out our latest take on 2018 Social Media Marketing Trends.

Up To 50% Affiliate Commissions on These Home Products


Home Products

Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

I’m writing today to share three new Home Products with you that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate. I pulled them from our Homecategory listings on E-CommerceAffiliates.com, which you can view right here.

new Home Products
Dream Big Printables for 50% Commission

Day-to-day life is hard and we all wish to come home to retire in a refreshing setting.  We try to make our home as comfortable as possible, enjoyable and welcoming.  Whether its your living room, bedroom, office or nursery – you can set the atmosphere of your living space with beautiful high-quality printable art by Dream Big Printables.  With over 800 designs to choose from, you will find the perfect art.  Available are various themes such as inspirational, nursery, wedding, animal, states & cities as well as Christmas.

Designs are available in digital download or canvas prints delivered to your door.

Affiliates earn a BIG commission of 50% on every sale.

Home Products
Organic Towels from Cotton Cloud Co for 25% Commission
Cotton Cloud Co is where organic meets quality and beautiful design for all your roundie, beach, bath, throws, hand & tea as well as gift towl needs.  With natural materials grown and produced in Turkey, Cotton Cloud Co towels are Oeko-Tex Certified which means they are healthy for you and healthy for the environment.

Products from as little as $24 and free USA expedited shipping, affiliates can earn a commission of 25% on sales.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Cotton Cloud Co.


Home Products
Beautiful Wall Stickers by Decos Murales for 20% Commission
Need to instantly brighten up a room and set a specific atmosphere in a room?  Wall stickers have become a popular décor trend and the French online store, Decos Murales, has affordable wall art for your home from as little €2.47.  You’ll find affordable and original wall art stickers, wall clocks, shelves as well as wall support décor accessories suitable for your kitchen, living room or nursery.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.


How to Find More Affiliate Products

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