3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Affiliate Commission Rates

increase your affiliate commission rates

Setting the ideal commission rate is a balancing act between what rates attract the best affiliates and what rates are most affordable for your business. Overpaying can drain your affiliate marketing budget, but underpaying may repel your affiliates and encourage them to look elsewhere for higher-paying affiliate programs.  If you’re struggling to attract and retain affiliates […]

How to Set Commission Tiers and Boost Your Low-Converting Products

commission tiers

Affiliate programs are a must for your eCommerce or SaaS business. An estimated 80% of brands now use affiliate programs to reap the benefits, and affiliate marketing takes up more than 16% of all eCommerce orders across the U.S. and Canada. Part of setting up a successful program is knowing how to structure the commissions that you pay affiliates […]

PayPal Referral Program – Techniques to Get Started

PayPal Referral Program - LeadDyno How to Guide

Do you know what you need to be doing to run a PayPal Referral Program? We have found that many people often think it is difficult and will be time-consuming, but that is actually not the case. Follow these techniques to start running a PayPal affiliate system with ease. How to Start: PayPal Referral Program […]