A Guide to Calculating and Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates

A Guide to Calculating and Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates

In our empirical world, data tracks our lives every day. Our phones track our time spent using certain applications, our Fitbits track our exercise routines, and our credit cards track our spending habits. In the business world, we track ROI (return on investment), net promoter scores, profit, gross margin, and most especially conversion rates, among other metrics. And for […]

How Can You Track Affiliates Without Using Links?

Clickless Tracking

As you may know, affiliate marketing is an excellent promotional tool to create brand awareness, increase your sales, engage existing customers, and so much more. Because it has become increasingly popular with the social media boom in recent years, there are many types of affiliate partners, but brands seem to gravitate around content creators and […]

Which Metrics Should You Track on Your Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Metrics

Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost your brand, but it won’t be nearly as effective as you hope if you aren’t tracking your numbers. Metrics and KPIs are vital if you want to know exactly where you stand and what you need to do so that your affiliate program can improve.  Helpful Metrics to Track […]

Best Practices for Operating a Successful PayPal Affiliate Program

So, you have decided to kick off a PayPal Affiliate Program to drive more traffic to your site. Congratulations! Such programs are certainly a great way to boost traffic to any site. There are a few best practices you can follow to ensure you take full advantage of this opportunity. First Step to Successful PayPal […]

How to Build Your PayPal Affiliate System

why paypal affiliate

Build it and they will come. That’s the cliché, anyway. The more you are able to build your PayPal affiliate system, the more your website and business will grow. However, many website owners find this to be a tough task to manage. PayPal Affiliate System Startup Tips First, note that a well managed PayPal affiliate […]