How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Recruit Affiliates TikTok

If you’re a business that’s turned to affiliate partners to promote your brand, one of the biggest questions you have to answer is how to recruit more affiliates. Increasingly, many businesses are turning to social media to fill their ranks, and TikTok, in particular, is positioning itself as a standout recruitment ground for new affiliates. […]

How to Review Affiliate Applications for Your Program

Affiliate Application Review

Affiliate programs have taken the business world by storm, and — as long as social media continues to flourish — they’re likely to keep growing. Starting your affiliate program is a modern and effective way to build your business. Before you start partnering with brand affiliates, it’s essential to decide how to review their applications. Hone your […]

Your Guide to Recruiting Affiliates Using Facebook

Facebook Affiliate Recruitment

While Facebook has faced increased competition from other social media sites, it is still one of the most widely used platforms on the internet. According to Hootsuite, the platform still hosts 2.74 billion monthly users.  Facebook’s user base is widely diverse. This platform lets you reach potential affiliates of all ages and backgrounds. It is also […]

30 tips for growing your affiliate program

Grow your affiliate program

Looking to increase revenue from your affiliate program? The process takes time, commitment, and effort. Below are thirty tips to help you grow your program. Because there are so many aspects of growing your affiliate program, we have categorized them below:  Strategy Engagement Incentives Communication Monitoring Recruitment Optimization Prefer to watch? Check out our video […]

Essential Guide to Affiliate Recruitment

Affiliate Recruitment

Finding affiliates can be one of the most challenging parts of launching and growing an affiliate program. It takes hard work and creativity, but it can become a significant revenue source for your business. The following guide will help you better understand the types of affiliates, strategies to reach out to them, and how to […]

2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that is recruiting more and more affiliates each day. With growth comes the need to evolve and adapt. Trends in this industry are constantly in flux. In order to stay abreast in 2019 with these evolving trends, it’s important to get updates on the go. Do you want to up […]