Google won’t penalize affiliate links. Here’s why.

Google won't penalize affiliate links

To penalize or not to penalize, that was the question Google asked and answered recently. It was common knowledge among affiliate circles that Google punished affiliate sites with excessive paid links. However, this year, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller dismissed this as a mere myth stating that websites won’t receive a manual penalty for using […]

7 Awesome Affiliate Program Strategy Ideas – Get Inspired

affiliate program stategies

Do you ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? With managing an affiliate program you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of your program and the number of affiliates you work with. And a big part of managing a successful affiliate program is what you offer your affiliates. After all, the better […]

Why You Need an Affiliate Agreement Template (& a Free Template!)

why you need an affiliate agreement

Before you sign on any affiliates to your program, you need a document for them to sign outlining the details of your program, the terms and conditions, and a detailed description of each party’s responsibilities. This document is none other than your affiliate agreement.  To help you understand the intricacies of the affiliate agreement, we’ll […]

The 6 Top Questions to Ask Affiliates Applying to Your Program

top 6 questions to ask affiliates applying to your program

At first glance, taking in new affiliates might seem like an easy task. The more, the merrier, right? Well, in this case, that’s never the best approach. While you might feel tempted to accept a large pool of people, not picking the right questions to ask affiliates applying to your program could cause more harm […]

The Difference Between Influencers & Affiliates – 3 Points

Affiliates vs. Influencers

With the expansion of social media, influencer marketing has also grown. People turn to their favorite Instagram and Tiktok content creators for recommendations on their next purchase.  Businesses have also noticed this shift. Today, many brands have influencer marketing campaigns that target different social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube. According to a report released […]

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up An Affiliate Program On Wix

Affiliate programs help businesses reach a wider audience and bring in more bucks. This revenue-sharing model can boost your revenue by up to 30% and you can easily set it up on platforms like Wix. Many businesses set up affiliate programs without considering some factors. Instead of rushing into this, you should consider taking some time to prepare. […]

When Should You NOT Start an Affiliate Program?

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, having an affiliate program is one of the most powerful and scalable marketing strategies you can implement to grow your business. It has numerous benefits, from creating and sustaining brand awareness to ultimately boosting your sales and generating more revenue.‌ However, an affiliate program is not a […]

Should I Start an Affiliate Program? 5 Things To Know Before Launching

What to know before launch

A well-launched affiliate program can be a cost-effective, low-risk tool for building your brand, but a failed one can drain valuable time and resources. Read on to find out what you need to know before getting your affiliate program off the ground.  1. Affiliate Programs Aren’t for Everyone Knowing how to launch an affiliate program […]

5 Steps to Promote Your Online Course with Affiliate Marketing

Online Course Affiliate Program

If you’ve produced a fantastic new online course, you’ve done a lot of hard work. However, your job is only half done, it’s time to promote your online course. You can write the best educational content in the world, but you won’t get students if you don’t market the course. But what if you teach […]

How To Build Trust and Credibility in Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Trust Credibility

Building a successful affiliate program involves more than getting your affiliates to generate revenue. The competition is stiff for good talent, with more than 80% of brands running an affiliate program. If you want to attract top-tier talent and get a share of those profits, being seen as a trustworthy affiliate marketing program is a […]

How to Create Brand Guidelines for Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are necessary for your company to stay “on-brand” and elevate the value of your business. Without brand consistency, your message will be lost — or even tainted.  For your affiliate marketing program, affiliate reps should be expected to adhere to brand standards as any creative agency or internal employee would. It’s important to […]

How to Accurately Calculate the ROI of Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program ROI

As more brands are looking for alternatives to traditional advertising to promote their products, affiliate marketing has grown into a $6.8 billion industry. It is an effective tool for gaining new customers and increasing sales, and it is known for producing a high return on investment (ROI). ROI is a performance metric used to determine how […]