Your Guide to Successful Affiliate Onboarding

Affiliate onboarding tips

Congratulations — you’ve managed to recruit affiliates who complement your affiliate program. Now it’s time for affiliate onboarding so they can start promoting your products and services.  Introducing new members to your affiliate program requires effective communication that starts the relationship on a positive note. An effective onboarding process goes a long way toward helping new […]

How and Why Give Away Free Products to Affiliates

affiliate free gifts giveaways

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most valuable marketing tools available to brands. It’s remarkably effective at increasing brand awareness and sales. Another attractive feature of affiliate marketing is an affiliate’s commission is only paid when a sale is made. However, the standard commission an affiliate receives sometimes isn’t attractive enough to keep them […]

How to Decrease Your Affiliate Commission Rate and Still Keep Your Affiliates

Reduce Affiliate Commissions

It’s a tough sell, but sometimes there’s no other way. Between a reeling economy, increasing expenses, and emerging competitors, there is often inadequate profit derived from making a sale. In cases like these where something has to give, decreasing your affiliate commission rate may be a necessary step in opening up additional margins for revenue.  […]

How to Write Newsletters Your Affiliates Will Read

Affiliate Newsletter Tips

Your newsletter can motivate affiliates to showcase and pitch your products and services — but you need to know what to include in a newsletter to make that happen. ‌Many influencers sign up for more affiliate programs than they can possibly promote. Some of your affiliates may not have shared any of your links yet. […]

How to Identify Fraud in Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Fraud

Affiliate marketing continues to be a high-growth revenue source for companies. Not only is affiliate marketing expected to grow to be an $8.2 billion market in the U.S. by 2022, but the growth trajectory over the next few years is expected to be in the double digits. Some estimates show that affiliate marketing may account […]

What’s the Difference Between Affiliate Management and Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing management

While it might be easy to confuse the two, there is a difference between affiliate management and affiliate marketing. They are two separate but related aspects of a brand growth strategy. To maximize their potential, businesses need to understand the differences between the two. Below is a comparison between affiliate management and affiliate marketing. What […]

How to segment affiliates to optimize your program

Segment Affiliates

One method of growing your affiliate program is to segment your affiliates into different groups based on various criteria. The criteria might be on their activity level, current commission plan, or promotional methods. Once you have your segmented affiliates, develop specific strategies to activate or engage each group with promotions, creatives, or other ways. Segment the affiliates, […]

30 tips for growing your affiliate program

Grow your affiliate program

Looking to increase revenue from your affiliate program? The process takes time, commitment, and effort. Below are thirty tips to help you grow your program. Because there are so many aspects of growing your affiliate program, we have categorized them below:  Strategy Engagement Incentives Communication Monitoring Recruitment Optimization Prefer to watch? Check out our video […]

10 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes to Avoid

Affiliate Management Mistakes

1. Running your program on auto-pilot Affiliate programs require management and optimization. It’s possible to allow affiliates to sign up for your program and access affiliate links, but that isn’t enough. Simply setting up your affiliate software and expecting the program to grow on its own is unrealistic. Affiliate management takes time and effort. If […]