10 Techniques to Keep Your Affiliates Engaged and Selling

Affiliate Engagement

When you decide to create an affiliate program for your business, it’s more than just setting it up and forgetting about it. You have to know how to keep affiliates engaged. While it may seem like an affiliate program can run itself, you must nurture the relationships with your affiliates to continue to grow the […]

How to segment affiliates to optimize your program

Segment Affiliates

One method of growing your affiliate program is to segment your affiliates into different groups based on various criteria. The criteria might be on their activity level, current commission plan, or promotional methods. Once you have your segmented affiliates, develop specific strategies to activate or engage each group with promotions, creatives, or other ways. Segment the affiliates, […]

30 tips for growing your affiliate program

Grow your affiliate program

Looking to increase revenue from your affiliate program? The process takes time, commitment, and effort. Below are thirty tips to help you grow your program. Because there are so many aspects of growing your affiliate program, we have categorized them below:  Strategy Engagement Incentives Communication Monitoring Recruitment Optimization Prefer to watch? Check out our video […]