The Top Non-Monetary Methods to Reward Affiliates

non-monetary rewards for affiliates

A successful affiliate marketing program is a great way to spread the word about your business. As part of your program, you provide a reward — usually money — in exchange for promotions. But just because your affiliates expect money doesn’t mean it’s the only option for compensation. In fact, having something non-monetary to offer can work […]

The 3 Most Tried and Tested Affiliate Compensation Models

Compensation Model

If you’re wondering how to get your affiliates to passionately promote your products and services, you should probably start by examining how you’re paying them. The affiliate compensation model you choose will impact the motivation and incentives for affiliates and there is no shortage of options to choose from. Commissions are the carrots that you can […]

Why Merchants Should Consider Paying Their Affiliates Via PayPal Payouts

paypal affiliate payouts

The first rule of affiliate marketing is to make the purchase process as user-friendly as possible. The proliferation of the online retail industry created a ripple-effect in several other related ones, most notably the online payment industry. The following article provides some reasons why you should pay affiliates with Paypal when they need to be […]