3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Affiliate Commission Rates

increase your affiliate commission rates

Setting the ideal commission rate is a balancing act between what rates attract the best affiliates and what rates are most affordable for your business. Overpaying can drain your affiliate marketing budget, but underpaying may repel your affiliates and encourage them to look elsewhere for higher-paying affiliate programs.  If you’re struggling to attract and retain affiliates […]

How to Decrease Your Affiliate Commission Rate and Still Keep Your Affiliates

Reduce Affiliate Commissions

It’s a tough sell, but sometimes there’s no other way. Between a reeling economy, increasing expenses, and emerging competitors, there is often inadequate profit derived from making a sale. In cases like these where something has to give, decreasing your affiliate commission rate may be a necessary step in opening up additional margins for revenue.  […]

The 3 Most Tried and Tested Affiliate Compensation Models

Compensation Model

If you’re wondering how to get your affiliates to passionately promote your products and services, you should probably start by examining how you’re paying them. The affiliate compensation model you choose will impact the motivation and incentives for affiliates and there is no shortage of options to choose from. Commissions are the carrots that you can […]

How to pay affiliate commissions

How to Pay affiliates

A good sign that your affiliate program is working is when the number of “Commissions Due” in your LeadDyno dashboard starts growing. Whether you pay affiliates weekly or monthly our goal is to make payout process quick and easy. All payouts are initiated from the Commissions tab in your LeadDyno account. Payout Methods LeadDyno currently offers three methods of […]

PayPal Referral Program – Techniques to Get Started

PayPal Referral Program - LeadDyno How to Guide

Do you know what you need to be doing to run a PayPal Referral Program? We have found that many people often think it is difficult and will be time-consuming, but that is actually not the case. Follow these techniques to start running a PayPal affiliate system with ease. How to Start: PayPal Referral Program […]

Affiliate Tracking Software Demo: May 6, 2014

Today, we’ll go through an affiliate tracking software demo of our product LeadDyno. We will show you how to ramp up and track your affiliate traffic and sales. And we will get into tracking the ROI of some of our online marketing spend as well, such as Google AdWords. Here’s how this affiliate tracking software demo […]