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This week in the world of affiliate marketing, we will be sharing program highlights in the clothing niche. This guide will focus specifically on sports apparel affiliate programs. And when you’re done lapping up the content served up here, make sure to bounce on over to the lingerie programs. Unless you’re all about sports and don’t roll that way.

5 Sports Apparel Affiliate Programs

Bodybuilding & Fitness Products → 25% Commission

Bodybuilding Apparel by Gym Beast ModeThere is nothing that says bodybuilding more than popping veins and bulging muscles – except all of that in hot bodybuilding apparel from Gym Beast Mode.

Hot, tough and bold – as the name suggests.

This is not for amateurs or newbies but for people who mean business when it’s time to get grinding.

Sounds like you?

Get hardcore gym apparel, fitness devices, and gym accessories from Gym Beast Mode because you ARE a gym beast. As for the rest of us, we’ll get there one day.

This first of the sports apparel affiliate programs, grants affiliates with a 25% commission on sales.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Gym Beast Mode

Hot Gym Wear → 15% Commission

Abs Salute - Hot Gym OutfitsIf you need some inspiration to hit the gym, Abs Salute will give it to you. Get fashionable gym wear like hot leggings for women and hot muscle vests for men – who wouldn’t want to rock up to the gym looking this amazing?

Look, some of us are not self-motivating and we need incentives to get on with tough activities like burning those calories from your weekend indulging.

Well, where else will you need to show off your hot new gym outfit from Abs Salute but at the gym?

Hey, do whatever you need to do. No judgments in the name of hitting the gym.

Affiliates will earn a respectable commission of 15% on each sale.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Abs Salute.

Yoga Apparel → 10-20% Commission

The Perfect Gear for Yoga - VidyaPeople, yoga is a thing. Yes, it’s a fad at the moment. And it’s no surprise. Its low-impact nature is not to be underestimated. The transformation in your body after yoga is amazing.

Now that we have that out of the way, if you’re into yoga, you know the awkwardness when you’re not dressed well for it. All the bending over and stretching is not only on your body but your clothing too. And let’s just say, you want to keep things under there where they need to be.

So check out Vidya to get dressed up well for your yoga journey. You’ll find amazing yoga and fitness clothing that will make you feel comfortable.

Affiliates earn a tier-based commission of 10-20% on sales.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Vidya.

Passionate Workout Clothing → 20% Commission

Kobra Athletics | Sports Apparel Affiliate ProgramsPassionate fitness enthusiasts are the humans that you’ll see with supplement tins that take over their kitchen shelves. They hype over the universe of fitness mentors they follow on social media.

Oh and they’re the ones wearing that “Do it for the Booty” hoodie. Living their best fitness life. If this is you, then check out Kobra Athletics.

Made for people who are passionate about their fitness lifestyle, Kobra Athletics has a range of statement workout clothing for both men and women.

Receive a 20% commission rate on sales as an affiliate for these guys.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Kobra Athletics.

Activewear for Men & Women → 25% Commission

Sports Apparel Affiliate Programs - DGM DiversionFitness is so “in fashion” that if you’re not a fitness enthusiast, you’re an activewear enthusiast – or both, hopefully.

For the love of fitness, liven up your energy with vibrant and sassy compression and activewear from DGM Diversion for both men and women. So turn up your energy with hot compression leggings and sassy crop tops – in vivid mood-changing designs.

Oh and nothing says you mean business like edgy camo pants while you’re on the grind, right?

For the last of the sports apparel affiliate programs, affiliates earn a mighty good commission of 25%.

Apply here to become an affiliate of DGM Diversion

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