3 New Software Affiliate Programs To Start Generating Revenue

Software Affiliate Programs with LeadDyno

Just the other week, we shared with you affiliate programs for SaaS that included services from Ecomisoft and Turbogram. Today we would like to present to you 3 newly launched Software Affiliate Programs that will help to boost your revenue with their healthy commission rates.

Let’s quickly point out what you can expect from today’s list of affiliate services:

  • Winning daily fantasy sports lineups (30% commish)
  • Complete e-commerce management software
  • Boost website conversions (30% commish)

Latest Software Affiliate Programs

Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups for 30% Commission

Affiliate Program - Daily Fantasy Nerd

Are you a daily fantasy sport enthusiast? Would you like to be ka-ching’ing all the way to the bank? Then you may wish to consider Daily Fantasy Nerd. It is a nifty platform built with clever algorithms that will provide you with stats and tools to supercharge your research.

As a result, you’ll be able to build winning daily fantasy sports lineups. In addition, you’ll be able to analyze stats, get Vegas odds and weather, view game logs, manage projections, build optimal lineups and track your bankroll.

Affiliates earn a commission of 30% on sales.

Complete E-Commerce Management Software

iPages | eCommerce Management solution

Building an online store is easy, they say. After all, how complicated can it get? Well, pretty complicated. The plug and play online store systems on the market all sound nice. However, once you actually start the implementation process then you realize that you need more. And on top of that, getting more then involves additional bits and pieces that all cost money.

This is where iPages shines. With iPages you can setup and manage your entire e-commerce business – affordably and easily. No hassle. From the frontend design and development, to backend admin features like multi-channel inventory management, order management and sales reports. And to sugar coat things further, sign-up is as little as £39 per month.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commission or complimentary services. But this is dependant on your performance.

Boost Website Conversions for 30% Commission

Software Affiliate Programs - Groovejar

Starting an online business is exciting. The thrill of clicking conversions coming straight into your inbox. Uh, until that doesn’t happen. Which you may have already discovered as your bubble burst. The thing is, most websites only experience a conversion rate of 3%, that’s if they even convert at all. And the rest of the 97% of traffic is wasted together with the painful ad spend.

Not. Just. Yet.

Because Groovejar will certainly turn things around for you. Thus generating up to three times more leads with their smart popup. Drive conversions through your leads and watch your sales grow. And all that from as little as $39 per month.

The best part is that as an affiliates, you earn a commission of 30% on sales.


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