Social Media Sharing Plugin

“Be Like Amazon” With Product-Specific Social Sharing. We’ve got a great new “social media sharing” plugin that I think your clients, friends, and followers will love. Here’s a 2-minute video that shows how it works:

social sharing

Put a “sharing widget” like this on any product page

So that visitors can simply “click” to share information about that product with their friends and followers on social media. It works just like the social media sharing buttons you see on… right above the “Add To Cart” button.

Wall Post Example

For example, if one of your visitors clicks the Facebook button near one of your products, they’ll be logged into Facebook with a Wall Post pre-written and ready to be shared. That Wall Post will contain your specific product information. LeadDyno’s Sharing Widget is “smart” enough to pull these product details from your page automatically (again, just like Amazon).

Free Webcast: How To Setup Our Social Media Sharing Plugin

I’d love to show you how this works. In this recorded webcast, I (Brett) will show you how this widget can help you get free referral traffic from your site’s visitors.

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