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Research shows that your affiliates are far more likely to promote your product if you provide specific editorial copy for them to repurpose. Unique content from you – such as product announcements and editorials – greatly help affiliates reach out to their audiences, readers, and followers with unique and valuable content.

Social Content

LeadDyno’s Social Content portal provides you with a one stop shop for posting exactly this type of email content, articles, and social media copy ready for immediate affiliate broadcast via Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Social Sharing
Leaddyno Emails

Email Referrals

Your marketing or content manager can quickly create predefined email templates for your affiliates. You write the copy, or pull it from existing materials, and it’ll instantly become available to your affiliates.Affiliates simply click the Email button in their Affiliate Dashboard, and a pre-written email – which also includes their unique referral link – will be pulled up in their email client. The email can be sent as-is, or edited prior to sending.


Twitter Promotion

Promoted tweets are even easier to setup than emails – just input your 140 characters or less, and your affiliates can Tweet to their followers. Because Twitter is a less invasive medium, you can change this copy quite often for frequent Tweeting.

Facebook Marketing

Getting affiliates onboard – and leading – your Facebook marketing strategy is important…and easy to do with LeadDyno. You can have your users promoting your product via Facebook – for free – without having to cut Mark Zuckerberg a check…as you would normally with each promoted post! Like Twitter, the Facebook feed is a less invasive medium, so we recommend changing this content up as frequently as you’d like. These days, Facebook users are seeing Sponsored Posts all over the place…so they may as well see yours.


LinkedIn Product Endorsements

The social media platform “for grown ups” is also a place where you want your affiliates promoting you. Like Twitter and Facebook, helping your affiliates share updates on LinkedIn is easy (see below). And you can change it up frequently.An extra benefit of LinkedIn is that its emails get delivered – and read – by users. Make sure your affiliates are including you in their status updates early and often, so that their entire network gains exposure to your product.

Reach out to your audience in a manner that positively impacts your conversion rate. From media to news, effective and well-timed social media content sharing can build you a social brand identity the way you desire.

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