Simple Steps to Getting the Most Out of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing sounds like a complicated terminology and brings to mind pie charts and performance scales that are simply too knotty to decipher. As experts, we would like to guide beginners through a few simple steps to master the art of affiliate marketing.

Keep The End In Mind

The key here lies in knowing what your audience wants. Not what they want today or tomorrow but the goal they have in mind. Are you a fitness blog whose readers hope to achieve a certain weight goal one day? Or a Car Fanatic site that has readers dreaming of the best looking wheels in town?

What you need to then promote are products that will help them get to that destination. All you need to do is learn how to listen to the demands of your audience. Here are the sources to look for this info:


Go through the feedback on your blog posts and analyze the wants of your readers through their comments.


There is a reason this one was invented. Send your readers polls and questionnaires with incentives such as free access or exclusive newsletters so you can get the feedback you need. Ask them what is the one thing standing between them and their goals and they will tell you how to help them.

Follow the clues

Go to public forums that are related to your blog and find what people want. Sites like Quora can be a great source to gather this information. Look for phrases such as:

“I wish…”

“Someday I will…”

“I’m so angry about…”

“What stops me is…”


Look for the patterns through these and you will have your answers. Think categories and problems. Then think solutions. Think of a plan to reach the goals of your audience. Then you can come up with products that will aid them in this journey.

For example:

Take Career.

The steps will look like this:

  1. Find something you are good at.
  2. Find literature on the subject. Read about success stories (Books?)
  3. Find an online method of earning.
  4. Take classes (Online course sites or eBooks).
  5. Improve your resume.

Now you can guess what virtual or physical products to give your readers.

Choose your product

Hopefully you will have narrowed down a product or few at the very least after all that research. Sample this product in all cases before providing your feedback on it. Get free trials or buy those products, this investment will be well paid for in the future.

  • You can partner with influencers and promote the products they do or simple promote them.
  • You can choose products that interest you and you have used and loved.
  • Find products via an affiliate network.

We can Help

We at LeadDyno want to make Affiliate Marketing accessible and easy for everyone. Find your success by signing up with the best affiliate software. Learn how to make the best out of affiliate marketing with us and make your own network of Affiliates today.

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