A Brand New Shopify Affiliate App for Big Referrals in 2016

Tomorrow we’re officially launching LeadDyno 3.0 – the latest and greatest version of the LeadDyno Shopify affiliate app.

We spent the 2nd half of last year with our “heads down” putting this new release together. It has a completely revamped user interface (UI), which we know is important to many of you. In fact, the entire application incorporates the feedback we received from you, and your fellow savvy online marketers and entrepreneurs.

In a minute, I’ll share a few screenshots with you. But first, let me invite you to our first training webinar of 2016 featuring LeadDyno 3.0.

Join Me For a LeadDyno 3.0 Product Tour

Our Tuesday session will be a “must see” as I’ll be joined by Shopify’s Amin Bashi, who works on the Apps Team at the e-commerce leader. You can sign up to join us here:

LeadDyno 3.0 Live Demo Sign Up

We (at LeadDyno) speak with many folks who want to know what e-commerce platform we recommend. In many cases we do refer Shopify as our #1 choice.

Of course it all depends on your business model, website, sales funnel, and so on. But if you’re considering multiple e-commerce options, you’ll be able to ask Amin any questions you have about Shopify while we have him on the horn.

Again, you can sign up here to join us for this LeadDyno 3.0 & Shopify co-hosted webcast.

LeadDyno 3.0 Live Demo Sign Up

Some LeadDyno 3.0 Highlights

Let me quickly run you through a few new features and screens. First, we added an option that lets you select the date you want to pay your commissions through:

So that you can pay out through the end of a given month ahead of time, or after the fact, and not have to pay our less or more than the commission totals would be through that date.

We also have a new Toolbox that houses the affiliate newsletter, automated emails, sharing widget, and affiliate recruitment feature.

And there are many “real-time” aspects that’ll give you an immediate read on your affiliate program, and what’s driving traffic to your site in general.

We’ll even show you the specific source of each website visitor (ie. What they typed into Google) – and where they reside.

LeadDyno 3.0 Live Demo Sign Up

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