Shopify Adwords Tracking : LeadDyno Guide To Setting Up

Shopify Adwords Tracking with LeadDyno

Here’s an easy way to capture AND quantify conversions with our Shopify Adwords tracking. In this article, I’ll show you how to set this up.

But first, make sure you have installed LeadDyno. It’s available in the Shopify App Store or view more info about your Shopify affiliate software.

Shopify Adwords Tracking: Let’s Get Started

1. Go to Marketing – Tracking Campaigns in your LeadDyno account and select Create New Tracking Campaign (from the drop down in the upper-right).

2. Give your campaign a name (ie. Shopify Adwords Tracking). I recommend creating one campaign per Adwords Ad Group (so that you can figure out which Ad Groups are working for you).

As an aside – in my experience Google does a good job of split testing ads for you… but a poor job in quantifying your conversions. So we use LeadDyno to figure out the ROI of each ad group… which is easy to do, because LeadDyno is already plugged into your Shopify store and knows who bought what. Unlike Google, which has you install “conversion code” that is not nearly as sophisticated.

3. When you click Save Campaign, LeadDyno will generate an Adwords Tracking Link for you.

4. Now, edit or create a new Google Ad, and use this LeadDyno Campaign Tracking Link as your Target URL.

5. And you’re done! LeadDyno will now capture every visit, lead, AND sale that you receive via this link! And it will also capture specifically WHO signed up and bought from you.

You can even use this information for sales follow up. For example, the Leads tab will contain everyone who signed up with you… so you can follow up with these people direct. And you know exactly how they found your Shopify store – it came from the Google Ad that contains this campaign link.

You can also see specifically who bought what by clicking on the Customers tab.

If you have any questions about setting this up, please contact our marketing team. We’re happy to help you get your Shopify Adwords Tracking setup.

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