Selecting the Right Affiliate Program for Your Business

We all know how lucrative the business of affiliate marketing is but knowing what type of affiliate program is right for your business is also important. After all, it’s only the best affiliate marketing program that attracts affiliate marketers to your brand and even helps with your personal affiliate marketing on Facebook and other such platforms. Following are the main types of affiliate marketing programs:

In-House Hosting

The most common program out there; this type of affiliate program is where the producer or merchant makes use of a commercially available affiliate marketing tracking software such as Lead Dyno and manages marketing affiliates. Such an affiliate program website offers specialized tracking software that helps the affiliate manager oversee the entire affiliate marketing program. The benefits of this type of program are:

  • The affiliate manager can set it up in any way
  • The affiliate manager can set up different compensation plans
  • The affiliate manager can develop and set own contracts and affiliate rules

Third-Party Hosting

Majority of affiliate marketing programs are hosted and managed by third party specialist service companies that provide merchants and their affiliates with the necessary infrastructure which is to be used. Merchants who opt for this type of program don’t have to worry about;

  • Tracking referrals themselves
  • Payment information collection
  • Providing technical support to the affiliate marketers
  • Managing and signing of the affiliates.

Affiliate Networks

What will you get by combining various affiliate programs offering a common theme or interest? An affiliate network, that’s what. The one advantage that this type of affiliate program offers both merchants and marketers is its ability to attract potential affiliates who are already running websites that serve those products or interests.

Finding the right network isn’t that difficult as different network plans can be found for various pricing models, each having different requirements that the merchant has to follow through. One thing that all affiliate networks have in common is the commission that has to be paid to the network by the merchant.

There are a lot of things to consider if you are a merchant looking for the best affiliate marketing program to manage or a budding affiliate marketer looking to promote an affiliate program. One important thing however, is to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Are you looking for a top affiliate program that will help in marketing your brand and product in a better manner? You don’t have to go far!

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