SaaS Referral Agreement Template

Here’s the SaaS referral agreement template that my SaaS companies have used for years.  It’s short and sweet – your referral partners will appreciate that!

Just replace “SaaS” with your “Company Name” and it should be good to go…

SaaS Referral Agreement Template

These are the complete terms and conditions for joining our Referral program. “We” and “Our” means SaaS, LLC and “you” means the Applicant (Name). “Program” means this Referral Program. The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, but we will try to notify you of such changes in advance.

Enrollment in the Program

To enroll in the program you’ll need to complete a SaaS Referral Application (if you have not already done so).

We reserve the right to decline and remove enrollment into the program at our discretion. As soon as your application is accepted you’ll enjoy all of our Referral benefits.


a) Product Content.

We will give you content to help you sell SaaS’s product.

b) Commissions for Sales of SaaS.

Our commission structure is by far one of the most generous in the software industry. Whenever a visitor from your site buys SaaS, you will earn 30% commission on the purchase price of the product.

As of November 1, 2013, SaaS has plans ranging between $19 per month and $49 per month per user. Current pricing can be found under the Account – Payment tab when you are logged into SaaS.

We occasionally run sales and promotions – and would be happy to run one specifically for your customers – so your commission will be off the net purchase price.

Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal from LeadDyno’s referral tracking software.

Each link provided by SaaS has a Referral ID attached. We can’t track your sales and traffic without you posting the full URL, so please be sure to use your Referral link.

When a prospect visits our site from your Referral link, we will be able to register their purchase (if/when they make one), and credit the sale to you.

Alternatively, you may register the lead with us via your Affiliate Dashboard, which is powered by industry-leading affiliate and referral tracking software LeadDyno.


a) Search Engine Marketing.SaaS runs search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on the most popular search engines; therefore, we ask our Referrals not to run SEM campaigns for SaaS products and services.

b) Social Networking Sites. We ask our Referrals not to promote SaaS products and services on social networking sites. If you would like to request an exception, please send your request to [email protected]


Both SaaS and the Referral can end the relationship at anytime. The details of this agreement have been designed to ensure the highest quality relationship between SaaS and its valued Referrals. Hopefully we have demonstrated our obligations for you to become a highly prosperous Referral Partner.

We both agree to the terms set forth in this Referral Operating Agreement:

Name SaaS, LLC
By: Name By: Brett Owens
Title: Title: CEO
Signature: __________________________ Signature: ___________________________
Date: _______________________________ Date: _______________________________

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