The Role of Conversion Tracking in Acquiring Marketing Efficacy

Without the right tools, the success of search engine marketing campaigns can be difficult to measure. Campaign goals vary for each company as each business is different.

A conversion, if put simply, is defined as a meaningful interaction which the product manages to gain from the marketing efforts. Depending on the goals it can either be a visit to a specific business page; a like on Facebook or just viewing a product.

Online engagement is a new frontier in the SEM business. Measuring something as simple as the number of clicks on a Google ad may seem insignificant in the short term. In the long term, the insight gained can be pivotal to designing a strategy that works.

Here are a few advantages of using conversion tracking.

Help Make Data-Driven Decisions

Without conversion tracking to guide you, you are practically shooting in the dark. Conversion tracking provides stats that indicate how your campaign is performing and if your company is headed in the right direction.

Spot Top-Performing Keywords

To determine which keywords are doing well, conversion tracking helps to attribute and pinpoint the specific keywords which are valuable and useful. This particular knowledge will help you and show you where your efforts should be allocated.

Website Improvements

Insufficient website content can often be attributed to low converting keywords. It is possible and probably likely that when someone opens your website and goes through it, their interest isn’t peaked. The consumers’ expectations need to be met especially depending on what the ad had promised. Conversion tracking provides relevant and helpful information to give your website the boost it needs for visitors to convert.

Conversion Pixel

This refers to the small piece of code which is specific to your ad buying platform such as Facebook and Twitter which is installed on your website. For example, a “thank you” page will have a conversion pixel. This code is responsible for the exact conversion, which is generated by clicking on the link.

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