How LeadDyno Helped Us Drive 788K Visitors and 23K Purchases with *Zero* Ad Spend

By Jeremy Ong, Founder of Vapeclubmy and Hustlr.

Running paid ads on Google, Facebook, or YouTube is by no means cheap.

Although they’re great options for getting your site a little traction – there are tons of other, cheaper alternatives to grow your traffic.

Take affiliate marketing, for example.

Affiliate marketing works by having other people promote your product or service on their platforms. When a sale is made through an affiliate’s unique code or link – they get a cut from the total purchase!

Having affiliates promote your business dramatically cuts down on all the promotional, tiresome work you might have to do.

This leaves you more time to do the things that matter more – like generating more content, networking, and developing other awesome parts of your business.

If you plan on running an affiliate program soon, you honestly want LeadDyno to help you out.

What does LeadDyno do?

LeadDyno is what’s known as an affiliate tracking and management system.

We’ve also been using LeadDyno for close to 2 years now! Here’s how that’s been :


Since the start of 2018, LeadDyno has only gone and brought VapeClubMY (one of our most successful eCommerce sites) around 788k visitors, and 23,000 purchases in that time.

It’s one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal to date.

This has helped us track leads, engaged so many more affiliates to our program, and drove crazy sales since we started using it.

On top of that, LeadDyno gives you a free landing page to sign new affiliates to bring more and more people on board!

Check out our VapeClubMY affiliate page right here to see what we mean.

As you can see, this page has been completely personalized with Vapeclub’s branding.

We’re talking complete personalization through color themes, logo options, font styles, and more.

You can tweak this page according to your branding. It’s unique, professional, and even makes it super easy for existing affiliates to log right back in the system.

Why should you start using Lead Dyno?

We’ll dissect to our best ability why you should invest in LeadDyno.

Let’s look at the 3 main areas it’s brought us success :

Recruitment made easy.

LeadDyno boasts about their ability to recruit new affiliates ‘as you sleep’. They’re not wrong!

You’re given the option to recruit customers as affiliates – the minute they make a purchase. This can be done after switching on the ‘affiliate invitation feature’. Once that’s done, each customer will receive a prewritten email prompting them to sign up for your program upon check-out.

In-depth analytics and reports.

Another aspect we loved was the detailed insights and analytics that we can access right from the LeadDyno dashboard.

Take a look at this :

They helped us a ton when it came to narrowing down the amount and location of traffic coming from all of VapeClubMY’s visitors.

Who’s visiting our site most of the time? Which countries should we focus on next? Should we start shipping to a new location?

All of these stats helped us target our markets with pinpoint accuracy and cater to specific needs that our different audiences may have.

Streamlined Management

Perhaps our favorite feature of all, LeadDyno makes payday a heck of a lot easier.

As you can tell, LeadDyno’s powerful tracking tool gives us a breakdown of our top affiliates.

The above shows records from 2018 to 2019, from where we’ve garnered over more than 1800 affiliates earning 5% of revenue from each purchase.

To this date – we’ve paid over $100,000 in commissions!

Our top affiliate has even brought in over 900 customers, earning $60,000 overtime.

You heard that right! It’s also a massive bonus that it has mass pay options available through PayPal integration. This makes life less complicated for you and your affiliates awaiting payment.

LeadDyno also has a pretty sweet URL tracking feature.

From this section, you can see pretty clearly which webpages on VapeClubMY are doing particularly well. We use this a whole lot as it helps us with what to promote, and with what our visitors want to see more of.

How is LeadDyno priced?

At the moment, LeadDyno has three package tiers up you can choose from.

Of course, this is on top of a free 14-day trial!

The most basic starter package is priced at $49. With this, you get a bandwidth of 3,000 visitors/month. However, you still get to sign up for an unlimited number of affiliates, with customer support 7 days a week.

When you’re ready to take your affiliates to the next step -there’s both the Biz Builder ($59) and The Accelerator ($79) monthly plans.

The difference between these 3 plans mostly lies in website visitors.

Naturally, choose your plan according to what you can handle. Here’s a more detailed breakdown for you to take a closer look.

Here’s some more great news!

When you get a move on with affiliate traffic, your website’s visibility will automatically start increasing too. This equals more organic traffic; without the pricey advertising fees.

Some of our favorite features also happen to be the regular newsletters and appreciation emails you get to send affiliates.

LeadDyno lets you broadcast a “thank you” email each time they make a sale! It’s such a simple gesture – but one we think did wonders for motivating more effort on their end.

It goes without saying, but we’re thrilled with LeadDyno’s results so far.

They’ve managed to prove themselves a total asset to growing our eCommerce presence.

For how affordable their plans are – we’re probably not switching sides for a long, long time either!

Ed. note: Thank you, Jeremy, for the wonderful breakdown describing how you’ve used LeadDyno to date! We are excited to help you continue to grow your business.

I’ll circle back with you about this offline, but I would love to get you in front of the vape influencers who are members of Afluencer, a hot “influencer concierge” service that we recently partnered with. As a benefit of being a LeadDyno user, we’ve worked out an opportunity for you to receive Afluencer’s highest level of influencer coverage for a couple of months at no cost to you.

And for those of you who are not yet LeadDyno users (or past users who never fully got your affiliate program ramped up), you can sign up for LeadDyno’s 30-day free trial right here.


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