How-To Recruit Good Affiliate Marketers to Grow Your Business

Just another form of internet advertising, affiliate marketing allows businesses with an online presence to affiliate themselves with websites or blog owners through affiliate programs. Known as publishers or affiliates, these individuals divert traffic towards the merchant website while generating sales and leads.

Using Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Business

Low risk and high reward is what attracts entrepreneurs and marketers towards affiliate marketing. With affiliates being recruited on commission basis, i.e. paid only when a visitor to your websites converts into a customer; it makes even more sense to utilize affiliate marketing. More customers inevitably means more business for you.

How to Target the Best Affiliates in the Industry and Recruit Them

Affiliate marketing is all about recruiting somebody else (with a popular blog or website) to feature and sell your products and service to the target audience. Recruiting good affiliates isn’t easy as businesses must first sell the idea to marketers. You need to think like an affiliate – would you want to market the product, use the affiliate program or agree to terms set? If not, you must revisit your affiliate program. Hire a successful and experienced affiliate for the position of affiliate manager once you have tweaked your affiliate marketing details.

Focus on the following once all corners of your existing affiliate marketing program software, agreement and even product have been revisited and revised.

1.SEO – A Good Way to Attract Affiliates

An obvious way to attract attention of good affiliates towards your program is through search engine optimization. SEO is however a sharp two-edged sword! Remember, you want to be good at SEO but not too good. Serious affiliates will run in the other direction if you are well placed in search engines for many key phrases (in your industry). They won’t want to compete with the big-shot therefore tread carefully.

2. Develop Your Own List/Newsletter

An easy and obvious place to start your search for good affiliates is your own email list. Or you can also develop an interesting newsletter that targets individuals interested in affiliate marketing and your industry. Develop and increase your email list with such people – give them useful information to read, earn their trust and friendship. It won’t take long for them to become loyal affiliates to your business.

3. Pay-per-Click Advertising

Advertising on Adwords is another brilliant idea businesses looking for good affiliates can use to attract potential candidates. How does this work? You must have used Adwords to attract visitors to your website however the same can be done to attract and recruit affiliates! Just bid for key phrases and terms related to your affiliate program, along with affiliate. Those who click through the advertised link will know what affiliate marketing is about so you don’t have to worry about recruiting complete newbies.

Remember – you must first convince your affiliates about the product or service being sold. More importantly you must work on your affiliate program website and include helpful tools that make affiliate marketing easy to manage by recruited affiliates. We offer comprehensive tools in this regard that help with every aspect of affiliate marketing. Learn about our affiliate tracker services today.

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