ReCharge Affiliate Marketing with LeadDyno

It’s now easy to setup a LeadDyno-powered affiliate program that works seamlessly with your Shopify store and ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions. Here’s how…

First, Install LeadDyno’s Easy Affiliate Marketing App

Install our LeadDyno app for affiliate marketing by clicking here: As soon as you add the app, your affiliate program will be ready for launch. This includes affiliate links for you to distribute, an affiliate website for you to recruit affiliates, and a unique affiliate dashboard for each one of your new partners. Now you just need to add the ReCharge App to add recurring billing and subscriptions to your Shopify store.

Next, Install the ReCharge App

Click here to install the ReCharge App to add recurring billing and subscriptions to your Shopify store. ReCharge’s experienced software developers provide FREE custom integration, and will install the ReCharge app onto your Shopify store with you. They’ll help you complete your basic integration within half an hour.

Need a Hand? Support is Standing By

Ready to get started? It’s as easy as installing both apps – LeadDyno, then ReCharge. If you need a hand, please use the Live Chat window in the lower-right of this screen. You can reach LeadDyno support here and ReCharge support here.


How are affiliate commissions calculated? It’s up to you. You’ll probably want to pay a set $ or % per sale – and you may want to make that a recurring commission payment if you’d like your affiliates to benefit from your subscription model. The LeadDyno-ReCharge integration is “smart” enough to know when a customer cancels a subscription. When this happens, the associated commission payment will be stopped. What commission level would be appealing to potential affiliates? You are welcome to join our affiliate network as an affiliate (at no cost) to see what other successful merchants in your product category are offering prospective affiliates. Or ask us (LeadDyno) for guidance and we’re happy to help. In general, we’d encourage you to think about affiliate marketing as you would any other online marketing channel. For example, if you’re comfortable spending 10% of sales to acquire a customer via Google or Facebook, you may want to consider using this as your affiliate commission.